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Young Justice: The Animated Series

    Season 1 
Independence Day
  • This part from the pilot:
    Kid Flash: First time at the Hall. I'm a little overwhelmed.
    Robin: You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed, why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?
  • This audio-based Funny Background Event:
    Crowd Member 1: I see Flash! And Flash Junior!
    Crowd Member 2: His name's Speedy!
    Crowd Member 3: No, Speedy's Green Arrow's sidekick!
    Crowd Member 4: Well that makes no sense.
  • Batman gives Green Arrow a much deserved death glare once Speedy reveals he was told about the Watchtower.
    • Similarly, Batman giving Flash the glare when he interrupted him.
      Batman: Cadmus will be investigated. All 52 levels. But let's make one thing clear—
      Flash: (interrupting) You should have called!
  • The dopey grins on the faces of Kid Flash and Robin, after they decide to go to Cadmus despite Batman telling the two of them and Aqualad to "Stay put", as they were only told they couldn't go on the League's mission, not that they couldn't follow up a different and unrelated lead.
  • When Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Superboy are introduced to Miss Martian, Kid Flash seems more than happy to have a Green-Skinned Space Babe on the team.
    Kid Flash: (to Robin) Likin' this gig more every minute. (To Miss Martian) Welcome aboard! I'm Kid Flash, that's Robin, Aqualad, it's cool if you forget their names.
  • This little back-and-forth between Robin and Kid Flash.
    Robin: (regarding Dr. Desmond) That guy is not whelmed, not whelmed at all.
    Kid Flash: What is it with you and this "whelmed" thing?
  • Robin being more concerned with what Batman would do to him if the Dark Knight ever found out it took Robin so long to pick a lock after getting electrocuted mercilessly.
    Robin: Lucky Batman isn't here. He'd have my head for taking so long.
    Kid Flash: (still bound and just experienced the same ordeal as Robin) Seriously? That's what you're worried about? THE WHOLE LEAGUE WILL HAVE OUR HEADS AFTER TONIGHT!
  • Robin's snarky retort to Desmond wanting to clone him.
    Robin: Pass. Batcave's crowded enough.
  • This exchange:
    Dr. Desmond: Someone, Robin I wager, hacked our systems, deactivating internal security cameras! But, he neglected the motion sensors!
    Dr. Desmond:The Genomorphs are closing in. They're all coming out in here. We have them cornered!
    (nothing but Genomorphs fall out of the air vent)
    Dr. Desmond: (through gritted teeth) He hacked the motion sensors.
    Robin: (Smugly) I hacked the motion sensors.
    Kid Flash: Sweet.
  • Kid Flash punches Dr. Desmond (now Block Buster) in the face, and his hand comes away with what's left of his old skin.
    Wally: (being very literal) Got your nose!

Welcome to Happy Harbor
  • Miss Martian demonstrates her shape-changing abilities to the group. She does so by changing into Robin and Kid Flash. Although, mimicking males is harder for her to do, so they end up being female versions of the two, leading to this line;
    Kid Flash: Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?
  • Wally and Dick constantly shutting down each other's flirts towards M'gann.
  • Dick revealing to M'gann that, while Flash can vibrate his molecules through walls, whenever Wally tries it, he gets a bloody nose. Wally is not happy with him.

Drop Zone
  • Superboy deciding he doesn't need a jump line when disembarking from the ship. He makes a crater. Note that this was a stealth mission.
  • Made even better by his only reaction being a smug grin and:
    Superboy: Knew I didn't need a line.
    Robin: (pissed) And yet, creating a seismic event may not have helped us with the covert.

  • Black Canary kicking Kid Flash's ass:
    Black Canary: But did anyone see what he did wrong?
    Robin: Ooh, ooh! He hit on teacher and got served?
    Kid Flash: Dude!
  • Made even better by the screen on the floor that reads "Kid Flash. Status: FAIL" with 'fail' being bright red.
  • After Superboy gets his ass kicked, Robin just points and laughs at him like a five-year-old.
  • Superboy's hatred of monkeys.
  • M'gann grows a bunch of new arms to fight with in episode five. Including one out of her head. Then Kid Flash sees her and the looks on both their faces are priceless.
    • Also, right after Robin says "Dude, [Amazo and Ivo] are at my school!" the camera cuts to a shot of a glass trophy case in Gotham Academy. Before Superboy is violently thrown into from offscreen, a picture of "2011 Gotham City Academy Mathlete Honoree Dick Grayson" is visible (and Robin looks like a total prep).
    • After getting thrown into the trophy case, Superboy is again picked up by the Amazo, and in a Freeze-Frame Bonus moment, as he flings Superboy away he strikes a pose that looks like something straight out of Jojos Bizarre Adventure.
      • Superboy lands against a locker, popping several of them open. As he gets up, he looks to the side to see the back of one door with a hand-drawn picture of Superman with hearts drawn around it. Annoyed, he punches the locker door.
  • By the end of the episode this little exchange:
    Martian Manhunter: But we understand your mission encountered other....complications
    * team and Superboy stare at each other briefly and then Superboy looks away pouting*

  • Kid Flash's reaction to their newest member Artemis over Speedy/Red Arrow.
    Kid Flash: WHO ARE YOU?!
  • "Infiltrator". Kid Flash forgetting (again) that all of the team is telepathically linked whilst flirting with Miss Martian (again).
    Kid Flash: Besides, I can't be mad at you.
    Kid Flash: [thinking] You gave me mouth-to-mouth.
    Everyone else: [thinking] WE HEARD THAT!
    Kid Flash: Dangit!
  • Artemis & Kid Flash are glaring at one another, until Aqualad steps in.
    Aqualad: Stop it, both of you.
    Artermis & Kid Flash: What?
    [Cut to Aqualad, outside of the building Artemis and Kid Flash are in]
    Aqualad: I can hear you glaring.
  • Ivo's Fun with Acronyms, and chagrin at Superboy not appreciating it.

  • Doctor Fate's elevator muzac.
  • When the team nearly fall into a lava pit, Superboy's feet briefly touch the lava. Of course, since he's Superboy it doesn't really hurt him, but it does burn his shoes off:
    Superboy: Those... were my favourite boots. This Nelson guy better be worth it!
    • A minute later, a floor magically appears over the lava. Superboy sees it and nonchalantly drops the last couple of feet. Then Artemis and Kaldur come crashing to the floor, and Superboy looks smug.
  • Kent Nelson bursting out laughing at Madame Xanadu's elaborate scam to try and contact his dead wife.
  • Artemis and Kid Flash have a brief conversation as to whether the Tower of Fate is hidden by magic or "adaptive micro-optoelectronics combined with phase shifting." They're being invisibly spied on.
    Klarion: Hey, Abra Kadabra! Aren't you using adaptive micro-optoelectronics and phase shifting?
    Abra Kadabra: ...yes.
    • Another part, where the team is falling toward a pit of lava. M'gaan saves Wally by levitating him, but they're slowly descending toward the lava due to M'gaan's weakness to heat.
    M'gaan: I'm so hot.
    Wally: You certainly are.
    Artemis: ["not-the-time" tone] WALLY!
    Wally: [defensive] Hey! Inches above sizzling death, I'm entitled to speak my mind!

  • The Flash Family (The Garricks, Iris and Barry, Wally and his parents) having a dinner for Jay's birthday - Barry proceeds to clear the dinner table in seconds, even doubling back to take Wally's plate before his sidekick's even able to leave the table. Joan and Mary (Wally's mother) then start talking about how lucky Iris is, as Jay and Wally never clear the table that fast, before Barry walks back in.
    Barry: Wally's fast enough when he wants to be - We're suddenly out of ice cream.
    [Wally can be seen in the background, eating an entire tub of ice cream]
    • the reaction to that is even better.
    Mary West: Wally! [gives her son a Death Glare]
    Wally: [looks at everyone nervously] Uh...happy birthday.
  • Superboy staring at the TV, the screen showing static and the setup menu. His refusal of help from Miss Martian and the entire subsequent scene.
    • Specifically, she asks him if she should change the channel. He refuses. Then she asks him if she wants to help him in the kitchen. He says "No." again, and then gets up anyway. She starts lifting off the ingredients she needs and at the same time telekinetically sends them to Superboy, who can't catch them in time, resulting in him being covered in gunge. She starts frantically trying to clean him as he just stares at her. When she catches his stare, the scene skips to one of Miss Martian cooking quietly in the kitchen and Superboy, still covered in various cooking ingredients, right back on the couch, staring at TV static. Red Tornado then walks in and sees Miss Martian silently chopping onions. Then he turns his head towards Superboy. Then back to Miss Martian. Then turns around and walks right back out of the room.

  • Superboy saying "Can I keep it?" It's the tone of his voice that sells it.
    • When he thanks it for helping with the enemy soldiers was also pretty funny. We have a Team Pet in the making.
  • The beach ball bouncing past Batman when Wally stumbles into base in "Infiltrator"
  • Artemis telling Kid Flash to "quit touching yourself!" as he repeatedly presses the middle of his chest, activating and deactivating the "night camouflage" mode of his costume.
    • And then we hear the sound effect of the camo being activated again immediately after Artemis said to stop. One could almost see the Take That! expression on KF's face when he did that.
      • After Kid Flash discovers his stealth tech, Robin, Miss Martian and Artemis all tap their respective logos to see if their suits do anything special.
  • When Megan reaches into the team's minds to restore their blocked memories (which include the events of all the previous episodes):
    Kid Flash: Try not to be overwhelmed by my brilliant mind.
    Robin: More like underwhelmed. Say, why is nobody ever just "whelmed"?
  • Robin doing his ninja Batman routine in midst of Artemis and Kid Flash Like an Old Married Couple spat in a middle of a desert.
    Kid Flash (looks around and sees no Robin): I forgot how much I hate it when he does the ninja thing. Hey, you never said why your dad wanted to (kill) me.
    Artemis: I got confused by some old movie I saw the other night about a ninja girl whose ninja dad ordered her to kill her ninja boyfriend because she was from a rival ninja clan.
    Kid Flash: So I'm your ninja boyfriend, huh?
    Artemis: Hey, I had amnesia. Remember? I completely forgot how truly annoying you are.
    Kid Flash: Oh, and you're the goddess of congeniality.
    Robin (just came out of nowhere): Sheesh, get a room.
  • Miss Martian flashing back to giving cookies to her teammates.
    Miss Martian: Careful Superboy, they're hot.
    Kid Flash: Not as hot as you babe.
    Miss Martian: Thanks Wally... that's um, sweet.
    Kid Flash: Not as sweet as you sugar.
    Artemis: Oh grow up.

  • Superboy's first day of school.
    • There's something funny about the twinge of hope in Manhunter's voice when he says "You can be a John, too."
  • Almost every time Lex Luthor opens his mouth, in a cast full of Deadpan Snarkers this man distinguishes himself as the best of them despite only appearing in three episodes.

  • Icicle Jr. in regards to Superboy kissing Miss Martian while they are disguised as the Terror Twins.
    Icicle Jr.: Dude, she's your sister!
    • And then his reaction when he realized what was actually going on, once Miss Martian responds by dropping her disguise without even breaking the kiss.
      • Icicle Jr.'s FACE!! You can see him putting two and two together after Miss Martian morphs.
  • Superboy punching out Ojo throughout the episode.

  • Dick running up to Artemis, at random and out of costume, on the first day of school to snap a picture of them together, before disappearing.
    Dick: We'll laugh about this someday.
  • Also from "Homefront", before getting into the telephone booth that takes them to base, Robin confronts Artemis on how random it is that she's in Gotham City instead of Star City...where her uncle Green Arrow lives. This little play happens:
    Artemis: I'm, uh, here to see my...cousin! She...was in the state spelling bee. Here. In Gotham. City.
    Robin: C-O-O-L. Did she W-I-N?
    Artemis: N-O [eyes narrow].
    Robin: D-R-A-G.
    • The funny thing about the above two examples is that, while Artemis doesn't know his secret identity, Robin knows who she really is. He's not trying to put her on the spot or get her to confess anything, he's just being a Gadfly.
  • Artemis is panicking while Robin seems to be having the time of his life. The whole situation that these two get in just amplifies the hilarity when one notices how differently they are taking it in.
    Artemis: So now what? Red Tornado is one of the powerhouses of the league. How are we supposed to take two of him?
    Robin: They do seem pretty user-unfriendly.
  • Way before that, we get this gem from Red Tornado:
    Red Tornado: I agreed to cover for Green Arrow. He has an...interpersonal event with Black Canary. A..."hot date".
  • When running from the robots, Robin opens a secret passage behind a bookcase.
    Artemis: Really? Cliché much?
    Robin: You should see the Batcave.
  • Kid-Flash and Superboy taunting the robots:
    KF: Hey! Red Tomato! Who's your girlfriend? Red Onion?
    SB: Yeah! And by the way, Worst Deathtrap Ever! We can escape any time we want!
    KF: I can vibrate my molecules out of here before your binary brains can count to 2.
    SB: And you can't drown a Kryptonian, dumbbots! We don't breath air.
    KF: Ha ha! And Ms. Martian? I can't believe you're buying her act!
    SB: Yeah, you know how hot it gets in the caves of Mars? That cage is just making her homesick!
    KF: Duh! Ah, ha-ha!

Alpha Males
  • This moment:
    Artemis: What are you grinning about?
    Kid Flash: One word: "souvenir"! (puts on the red beret worn by the ape Monsieur Mallah)
    Artemis: Two words: "gorilla lice".
    Kid Flash: Ugh! Oh, man! (Immediately takes the beret off and groans)
  • The whole characterization of Captain Marvel, pretty much a superhero version of Big.
    Captain Marvel: Ah, it was so cool! The team's way more fun to hang out with than the League, and they go on these cool covert missions, and I got to meet the Brain, and this tiger, and...
    • From the same episode, the escape of The Brain. He initiates a form of self destruct and then instead of an explosion, he turns off all the lights while he and Mallah escape.
    • Earlier when Cap is going with the team.
      Robin: You coming with?
      Captain Marvel: Sure, we'll have a blast.
      Robin: Translation: he blames us for Red fiasco, he doesn't trust us.
      • Best part? Robin is completely wrong, Marvel is ten. He actually means it when he says that they're going to have a great time... And it turns out that he actually does have a great time, with very little of the angst that the rest of the team is going through.
  • The team getting all passive-aggressive on Aqualad.
    Kid Flash: [rolling his eyes as Aqualad comes over Miss Martian's telepathic link] Oh, Aqualad's voice in my head. I've so missed that.
    Robin: Hey, Kaldur! KF and I were just attacked by mutant vultures. Of course, since we're moles, you probably think we attacked ourselves!
    Artemis: If he did, he wouldn't tell you.
    Miss Martian: Superboy, are you online or just pouting?
    Superboy: [fighting off a mutated wolf] Busy. Call back later.
    Kid Flash: What gets me is how nonchalant he is about not telling us.
    Robin: He should be chalant. Way chalant. Extremely chalant.
    • What's even funnier is that Superboy sounded completely calm while answering.
    • Not to mention you can see Kaldur getting more and more frustrated to the point he just had to break something—and he does, he rips apart a near by machine that took down the World's Mightiest Mortal likely out of clear frustration at the others.

  • Artemis reaches for her bow and arrow only to realize she doesn't have it,
    Artemis: Ugh, I feel naked. And not in a fun way.
    Aqualad: Then we shall make our own fun.
  • Robin's smiley face bombs.
  • After blowing up the plant, Robin responds with simply a quiet "Timber."

  • I Robin being a total dork when introducing himself to Zatanna. You can instantly see him crushing on her.
  • The episode ends with the Team reflecting on the mission. Robin's talking with Zatanna about how her being "kidnapped" (as in, tagging along with the Team without permission) ended well...
    Robin: So, good kidnapping?
    Zatanna: Actually, yeah. Best ever.
    Robin: First of many, I hope.
    Zatanna: If my dad doesn't ground me for life.
    (Cut to Zatara and Black Canary at Mount Justice)
  • Robin says they need an illogical, dumb idea to find Red Tornado since Batman's tried the logical approach. Cue entire team turning to Kid Flash.
    Kid Flash: ...As a matter of fact...
    • Turns out the idea is more "lateral thinking" than outright "illogical". Because Wally is Wally.
  • On fighting Red Volcano, who boasts knowing all of their move sets thanks to Red Tornado's memories, we get this Ship Tease exchange between Robin and Zatanna, after the latter uses a spell to temporarily incapacitate Red Volcano:
    Zatanna: Tornado never knew my moves!
    Robin: And I bet you've got some good ones!
    Robin: Whoa! Sorry, that may have come off a little too Wally.
    Zatanna: I don't mind.
  • When Black Canary assured Giovanni Zatara that the Team will take care of Zatanna after learning that they're flying in the Bioship. Check out her facial expressions when she was looking away from him.
  • Again from the same episode, Captain Marvel being completely oblivious to the fact that he's been left out of the loop, again.
    Captain Marvel: (walks in dripping and muddy) Are they gonna come out and play or what?

  • Conner's (and Wolf's) reaction to the ball's transformation. Then his expression of confusion regarding the New Gods.
    Superboy: Look, I've been remarkably patient. Y'know, for me. What is going on?
  • One of Desaad's minions admits after being captured, "He is seriously creepy."
  • Wally's therapy session. Denial never looked so comical.
    • What sells it is that Wally's agrees he's in denial and is perfectly happy to stay there, thank you very much.
      Black Canary: Wally, you're in denial.
      Wally: I'm comfortable with that.
  • There's something hilarious about Wolf's expression while riding the supercycle
  • Wolf's Jaw Drop earlier was also pretty funny.
    • Superboy telling Sphere that she's "beautiful" after she transformed into a handlebar for the Humongous Mecha that the New Gods turned into.
    • How they take out the initial group of thugs outside the federal reserve. It involves Dreamer disguising herself as the mother of one of the thugs, who is naturally extremely surprised to see his mother bringing him a jacket in the middle of a heist (and tells her to get down because it isn't safe when the others attack). Vykin then takes him out by repeatedly smacking him in the face with his own gun.

  • Conner's reaction to seeing the entire student body in superhero costumes. Twitchy Eyes and all.
  • M'gann, Conner and Wally's plan for turning Marvin's Halloween prank on himself. Even includes M'gann shapeshifting into a demonic Marvin the Martian to scare him off, just for the sake of irony. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • When Captain Marvel finds out he's not invited to the Halloween dance, he decides to go trick-or-treating
    Captain Marvel: And I'm not sharing my candy!
    • What makes it funnier is that the other characters didn't know that Captain Marvel was really a child until the next episode.
  • Mal Duncan as "Superman done right", wearing Superboy's original outfit from the Young Justice comics.
    • Even better is Superboy's reaction to said costume; he looks a mix of disgusted and very unimpressed, and offers a sarcastic, "Yeah, good luck with that."
  • Zatanna's and Artemis' entire "drive-by crime busting" scene is awesome, sure, but also Hilarious in Hindsight. Just imagine all the criminals they busted that night going "WTF just happened?"
  • One of the kids says that the martian invasion is obviously a prank. You'd expect him to argue that martians aren't real. Instead, he says that martians aren't hostile, mentioning the Martian Manhunter.



  • In the beginning, it seems like Robin reassuring Zatanna that she'll eventually get used to working with the Team, as well as deal with the loss of her father in the previous episode, until it turns out that he's only reassuring her that one day she will get used to watching Wally eat.
    • And also when Wally is flirting with M'gaan, Artemis looked annoyed as usual...and gives a satisfied smirk when M'gaan basically avoided it.
  • A small moment, when a group of policemen are waiting for Kid Flash to pass the roadblock.
    Policeman #1: Do you see him?
    Policeman #2: Nope.
    [KF runs by]
    Policeman #1: Did you see him!?
    Policeman #2: Nope.

  • In the opening scene Batman and Martian Manhunter show Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Dinah Lance (Black Canary) a video recording of one of Superboy's training sessions with Canary. Suddenly Superboy and Canary start making out and the look on Ollie and Dinah's faces is priceless! Ollie exclaims "Dinah!" and turns to her with a tone that says he's hurt she cheated on him and appalled that it's with her younger student! Then on the video when Canary shapeshifts and turns out to be Miss Martian, Ollie laughs uproariously but Dinah doesn't find it funny at all.
  • Later in the same episode, the intro to "Hello Megan," which just reeks of sitcoms like Full House. The characters' reactions too.
    Superboy: Maybe it's a coincidence?
  • Kid Flash implies that he knows Batman's secret identity. Robin's not pleased. (KF does this often, and usually gets elbowed for it.)
  • KF wanting to do a high five with Robin. Too bad the latter ignored it.
  • When Miss Martian catches herself about to fangirl all over Marie Logan due to her Starring in "Hello Megan" as the titular role, she backtracks and says she's been a supporter of her stances on animal rights for years. Superboy then telepathically points out she's only been on earth for six months, and for a brief moment, Miss Martian's smile falters into this weird western equivalent of the anime staple "shock smile". It's priceless.
  • KF's reaction to a bald M'gann.
    Kid Flash: Bald M'gann. Still hot.

  • During the Justice League's meeting to decide on possibly adding more members to the League, a lot of good names are thrown out there. However, Flash makes the mistake of suggesting they add more raw power to the roster by having the only other Green Lantern on Earth not in the League join: Guy Gardner, and is immediately interrupted by Hal Jordan and John Stewart.
    Hal and John (simultaneously): No.
    Flash: But we could really-
    Hal and John (more firmly this time): No!
  • Green Arrow mentioning that Superman thought Captain Marvel to be Kryptonian once. Captain Marvel's response and the thought of Superman's probable embarrassment is pretty funny.
    • And there is also the fact that Billy has a 'You Didn't Ask' mentality with the League, as no one ever asked his age when he joined. He point blankly says that 'I just left out that I Was a kid'...and no one has really anything to blame but themselves for not checking.

  • Cheshire taunts to Artemis, and it's really the way she says it that sells it: "Bet you run out of arrows before I run out of SWORD!"
  • Superboy, Miss Martian, and Zatanna decide to snoop around in Red Tornado's room. Wolf is left behind with orders to bark if Tornado shows up. Of course, Tornado catches them. Cut to Wolf asleep on the floor.
  • There's Artemis getting all worked up when Cheshire starts flirting with Red Arrow during battle.
  • Red Arrow gets a warning from Artemis in a form of a snark.
    Artemis: "Artemis to Arrow, look out."

Usual Suspects
  • After Superboy and Artemis reveals their secrets (Child of Luthor, child of Sportsmaster, etc.) we get this from Kid Flash.
    Kid Flash: (places a hand on Artemis's shoulder and smirks) Alright... who's next?
    Miss Martian: ...I am.
    Kid Flash: (gives an Oh, Crap! look and lifts hands into the air) I swear I was kidding.
    • Before that, Zatanna has a funny moment with The Riddler. Near the end of the team's skirmish with The Riddler et al, Zatanna casts a spell to tie Riddler up with ropes. Of all the things to be upset about, he complains, "I am NOT the straightjacket type! I am strictly Belle Reve, not Arkham!" Zatanna, noticeably unimpressed, follows up with another spell to gag Riddler, shutting him up.
      • Made even better by the utterly bored way she says the spell to put a gag over his mouth
      • And the fact that the spell ("Gag mih," "gag him" backwards) is a homophone of "Gag me."
    • There's also the spell that creates an army of Robins.
    Robin # 1: Gotta love...
    Robin # 2: An army...
    Robin # 3: Of me!

Auld Acquaintance
  • Red Tornado's reaction to the team celebrating New Year's Day by pairing up. "Human customs still elude me." Mind you, he's currently limbless and stuck on the floor.
    • His congratulations were delivered in the same state. They check to make sure he's okay, but they don't move him. Of course, he's not bothered by it at all.

    Season 2 
Happy New Year
  • Anything involving Blue Beetle arguing back and forth with the scarab. Unlike Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the scarab doesn't beep when he talks, so now Jaime is going back and forth with what the others think is himself. Example:
    Blue Beetle: "And yet, I'm strangely OK with [being in the Gamma Squad]. (starts arguing with the scarab) Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Yes, I am!"
    • When rescuing the hostages from the Krolotean ship about to explode:
    Bibbo: It's Robin.
    Female Hostage : The Boy Wonder.
    Both, then, see Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle.
    Bibbo: More aliens!
    Female Hostage: Get them away! *screams*
    Blue Beetle: Hey! We're not aliens!(Beat)* the Krolotean in is hand and him look at each other* O-OK, w-well he is, but, we're not!
    • Blue Beetle speaking Krolotean also counts. Even funnier is when he says "This way!" in Krolotean before realizing this and switching back to English.

  • Adam Strange, outfit from the comics and all. We also get to see him provide a great distraction for the Rann Science Patrol, by quoting "Jabberwocky" line-for-line. Given that Greg Weisman is producing this, it was kind of inevitable.
    Alanna: "Jabberwocky?" "Bandersnatch?"
    Beast Boy: His last name is "Strange."
    • Shortly thereafter, Alanna uses the same thing to distract the mech-piloting Kroloteans, which is also funny, considering this time we hear it Rannian.
    • When he first came to Rann, Adam Strange mentioned to the team that, before having Miss Martian as a psychic translator, he had to use some creative methods to communicate with Sardath and Alanna. Chief among these was playing charades of all things. When Miss Martian gets knocked out later in the episode, her link with them is severed, and thus the translation is unavailable, just as Adam returns to Sardath's lab.
      Adam Strange (exasperated sigh): And, we're back to charades again.
    • When Superboy explains how his body is doomed to never age, Alanna does her best to sympathize, but she's clearly having a lot of trouble.
  • More of Blue Beetle's chatting with the Scarab.
    Blue Beetle: No, it would not have been preferable to vaporize him back at the diner.
    • Seeing that the Kroloteans refer to Lobo as "the Main Man." It's one thing to hear him call himself that, but hearing other people call him that is just hilarious.

  • "Less Fangirl, more Wonder Girl," between Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl

  • More Scarab sociopathy. When Blue Beetle creates restraints for two criminals, the Scarab complains that they'd be more effective had Jaime fired them through bone. The noise Jaime makes is hilarious.
    Jaime: Ewugghhh, No!
  • The fact that he essentially shoots giant blue staples to restrain people.
  • The moment right after:
    Superboy: Blue, let's go! Fight your inner demons later!
    Jaime: [correcting] Demon. Singular. One's enough, believe me.
  • Blue Beetle mangling "Appellaxian" to "Apple-laxative".
  • Wally remembers that it's Valentine's Day. How could he not? After all, only a jerk would forget... five years in a row.

  • The Scarab suggests the Plasma Cannon for pretty much everything. Hostile boyfriend? Cannon. Possibly delusional old man may know about the Scarab? Cannon. Locked door? Cannon.
  • The Scarab in general is absolutely hilarious in this series, mainly because every single line it says is delivered in a hyper-fast, annoyed-sounding tone, as though it's perpetually frustrated that Jaime isn't solving every problem with excessive force.
  • Nightwing briefing the all female Alpha team.
    Nightwing: [Queen Bee's] ability to control the minds of men is why Alpha is an all-female squad for this mission.
    Batgirl: Oh, really? And would you have felt the need to justify an all-male squad for a given mission?
    Death Glare from all 4 women.
    Nightwing (awkwardly): Ahem... erm... Ther-There's no right answer for that- er- is there? So... Nightwing out. [Hangs up]
    • They all get a good laugh at his expense after that.
    • What's funnier is that this was a line mostly said for the audience's sake, not the alpha team's, making this an unorthodox alternative to "As You Know".

  • Lian Nguyen-Harper, whose only response to the carnage around her is inappropriate laughter. Like mother, like daughter, it seems (Cheshire even says as much).
    Red Arrow: (after hearing her daughter giggle at the sight of her parents kicking ass) Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra violence?
    Cheshire: (while cuddling Lian) It's genetic.
    Red Arrow: Great.
    • Gets even better when her giggling gets her parents found out by all the guards. It first shows the giggling echoing across the temple. Next scene? At least twenty to thirty guards with spears pointing at them and both Cheshire and Red Arrow with their hands in the air.
      Red Arrow: Told you we should've left her with your sister.
    • Another Lian Moment Killer: Red Arrow just found the real Roy Harper, so Lian laughs and says "Dadas".
    • Virtually anything out of Bart Allen's mouth.
  • "These energy readings threaten to crash the mode"
  • Impulse in Mount Justice. Especially when Robin pulls out the electric staff.
    Impulse: (bends back under the staff) Limbo Time!
  • Impulse running through a tunnel wall to avoid marbles on the ground. He starts gloating... and then gets sucker punched by Nightwing.
  • Impulse inadvertently revealing Nightwing and Robin's secret identities to Beast Boy who didn't know.
    Beast Boy: Your name's Tim? And yours is Dick?
    Bart: Oops. Spoilers.
  • Beast Boy interrogating Impulse.
    Beast Boy: Tell us something we don't know—yet! When do I become leader of the team? When do I join the Justice League? When do I get my own reality series?
  • After Flash runs out to deal with a villain.
    Bart:: "Back in a flash?" Wow, does he say that often?
    Everyone but Bart sighs
    Everyone else: Too often.
  • Then we have him meeting up with his grandfather (Barry Allen), and then commenting on Wally being his "First cousin once removed."
    Kid Flash: (pushing Bart away) The operative word being removed.
  • And in the process, accidentally causing Iris to spill the fact that she's pregnant earlier than she'd have liked (which Barry didn't know). And then causing both of them to freak out when he reveals that she's having twins.
    Bart: (waving at Iris's stomach) Hi Dad! Hi Aunt Dawn!
    Barry: Wait—there are two in there?!
    Iris: We're having twins?!
    Bart: Oops! Spoilers.
  • Later, both Bart and Barry have a talk about what to do next... and then they're talking faster and faster. We zoom out to see what Kid Flash and the policeman are seeing; both Bart and Barry are talking too fast for them to hear!
    • Don't even get started with Impulse and Flash having to carry Kid Flash at super-speed, because he's so much slower than them. He even admits it was embarrassing.
  • Kid Flash learning that Impulse is faster than he is.
    Kid Flash: (sees Flash running) Go on, lap me. I'm used to it. (sees Impulse running at the same speed as Flash) OH, COME ON!
  • At the end of the episode, when they're sending Impulse off, he knew it wouldn't work because it was a one-way-trip
    Impulse: It's been crash, but the future awaits, I gotta run!

  • Mal's reaction to the appearance of Impulse and the recovery of Speedy:
    Mal: They're both gonna wind up our responsibility, aren't they?
    Nightwing: Not necessarily. Bart, Impulse, is staying with Jay and Joan Garrick in Central City. Roy, the original Speedy, is recuperating in Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City. Arrows Green and Red are watching over him.
    Mal: Mmhmm. They're both gonna wind up our responsibility.
  • Superboy in Superman's costume looking awkward as hell in tights.
    Superboy: I hate monkey suits.
  • Also this exchange.
    Nightwing: Lagoon Boy, stand down.
    Lagoon Boy: Sorry, you're breaking up. (Imitates radio static)
    Nightwing: There's no static on a psychic link!
  • After it is revealed Artemis is really alive and Aqualad killing her was all part of a secret plan they along with Nightwing and Wally concocted to take down the Light, Nightwing puts a charm around Artemis neck.
    Wally: [totally casual] Dude, why are you giving bling to my dead girlfriend?
    • A blink and you'll miss it moment: during Wally and Artemis' goodbye kiss, both Dick and Kaldur look away in embarrassment.

  • Captain Cold's rather calm Oh, Crap! moment, when he happens to find out he just flash froze the area seven super females of the League and Team were having a get together at.
  • This little gem:
    Original Roy: So... let me get this straight. While I was in ice, you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the earth, and...Ollie grew that dopey goatee? (scratches chin)
    Clone Roy: We try not call ourselves sidekicks.
    Ollie: (sounding slightly hurt, fingering goatee) You don't like the goatee?
    Original Roy: So missing the point!
  • In a bit of Black comedy: Sportsmaster tells Jade that Black Manta can't kill his daughter...without running it by him first.
  • Lex Luthor's office is blown up. He has this to say in response:
  • This exchange between Lex Luthor and (Real) Roy, when Roy tied a cord around Lex's arm. Said Cord is capable of exploding:
    Roy: It's the perfect revenge, I use your own tech to do to you, what you did to me.
    Lex: ...except we gave you anaesthesia, your methods seem to be a tad more...violent.
    • Minutes before, as Roy aims a rocket launcher at Lex,
      Roy: Gotta love modern weapons tech. Easier for a one armed man to fire a missile launcher than pull on his pants.

  • Icicle Jr. hitting on Tuppence Terror because of how even though it was the first time he actually saw her, Miss Martian was posing as her in "Terrors".
  • Impulse and Blue Beetle argue about the generational habit of picking up souvenirs.
    Beetle: Souvenirs are Beast Boy's thing, ese.
    Impulse: Really, I always thought it was Kid Flash.
  • The Scarab's dislike for "The Impulse" is quite amusing. Funny how Bart's constant chatter, impulsive behavior, and annoying personality can get on even an advanced A.I.'s nerves to the point of wanting to vaporize him.
    Scarab: This "Impulse" is trouble. Destroy him!
    Jaime: Overreacting won't help.
  • Impulse repeatedly ramming the Terror Twins, it works as well as you'd guess.
  • Despite being a dramatic moment, when Impulse rams the Reach Scientist away from the controls, if you pause itm you can see he rammed her with his butt.

  • All the abductees are being questioned. Impulse is tapping his hands at superspeed, and Blue Beetle stops him. Seconds later, he's tapping his foot. Blue Beetle does nothing.
    • Another moment in 'Cornered'. After several weeks of worry, Blue Beetle sees Tye come out of Black Canary's office and, well...
    Blue Beetle: Tye-!
    Scarab: Hold, Jaime Reyes. The Tye Longshadow does not know us in this form.
    Blue Beetle: -ime to stretch! Gotta keep limber!
  • L-Ron is a walking (floating?) series of Funny Moments.
  • Jaime talks to Impulse after he was interviewed by Black Canary. He tells him that he didn't tell her anything about him betraying humanity.
    Scarab: This is good, now kill the Impulse so he does not change his mind!
    Blue Beetle: Keep quiet!
  • Mal Duncan hamming it up as Guardian while distracting Despero.

True Colors
  • Lex Luthor once again shows off his dry, suave sense of humor.
    Luthor: (After seeing the tampered security screens) Well, this placid scene is hardly likely.
  • All Martians Love Television.
    Green Beetle: Indeed.
  • Black Beetle may be evil, but his snark is top class:
    Black Beetle: Ah, nothing like a warm plasma bath to calm the nerves... and clean off the tomato stains.
  • The scarab calling Nightwing's logic 'flawless' and telling Jaime to listen to him.
  • Bart's sigh of frustration and begging to start the mission, one can just imagine how the speedster handled sitting quietly in a bathroom stall for hours.
  • The Scarab and Arsenal simultaneously demanding that Jaime let the Scarab control his body to take on Black Beetle.
  • There's something intentionally hilarious about a tourist saying "Now that's a rutabaga!".
  • Green Beetle trying to smile. It's extremely unnerving, but his utter obliviousness to just how unsettling it is is hilarious.
    Green Beetle: Is this not how humans show friendship?
  • It might be for nefarious purposes, but the Reach's drink commercial is hilariously cheesy.
    • And then G. Gordon showed up.
  • For extra irony, the guy singing is Jason Marsden, who also voices Bart.

The Fix
  • Artemis (as Tigress) and Deathstroke kidnap Miss Martian. Artemis clues Miss Martian in via telepathic link and tries to get her to play along.
    Artemis: You have to make this kidnapping look good.
    (Miss Martian telekinetically throws a car at her, which Artemis barely ducks)
    Artemis: Well you don't have to make it look THAT good.

The Runaways
  • Virgil uses his powers to steal a can from a soda machine. It turns out to be the Reach's brainwashing drink. Now in "Reach Peach" flavor!
    Tye: Dude, don't drink that! It's Reach!
    Virgil: [Spit Take] Ah, man! [shoots it offscreen]
  • Later, when they decide to rescue Ed's father from Red Volcano, they all arrive to see Star Labs...perfectly calm.
  • Seeing Red Volcano dryly calling the scientists and the runaways "Meat Bags" elicits a little bit of a laugh.
  • The "no idea" running gag. Virgil leads the other runaways in escaping Star Labs with no real plans on how to do so. This culminates in them running to a bus stop and him calling his parents to ask for money. At the end, they return to the same, now destroyed, bus stop because in Virgil's words "It would be the last place they'd think to look."

  • The magistrate having to be reminded to turn on his translator in the beginning was hilarious.
  • Mal picking a super bad time to vent at his girlfriend.
    Bumblebee: Was that a slam on me? In the middle of a mission!?
    Mal: Woman, when are you not in the middle of a mission!?
  • Arsenal shows exactly where his clone gets his Deadpan Snarker attitude:
    [Arsenal has just fired a shot through the roof, bringing it down on the drones attacking them, as well as Superboy.]
    Superboy: A little warning might have been nice!
    Arsenal:' [shrugs] "Take cover."
  • Arsenal musing over Mal and Bumblebee kissing before getting a quick peck from Wonder Girl. He seemed to like it, too.

  • Much of the snark from Sportsmaster and Cheshire.
  • There's something inherently funny when a show takes a moment to show a mook getting coffee.
    • Miss Martian apologizing to Artemis and then telekinetically throwing Deathstroke at her.
  • Artemis teasing Cheshire about trying to avenge her death.

The Hunt
  • Roy, unlike Dick, absolutely sucks at hacking. He ends up getting into an argument with the machine. And then two aliens show up, so he tries to use it as cover when fired at.
    [A big hole is shot into the console]
    Roy: Ha! That's what you get!
    [The console sinks into the ground, leaving Roy exposed]
    Roy: Oh, now you're just being petty.
  • The Runaways using the boom tube. It activates right underneath them and they get dropped in the middle of Reach soldiers.
    Asami: Hello.
    • And then Virgil starts "surrendering". The rest of them shrug and go along with it.
  • A trio of Reach soldiers blow up Ed's board, and throw him into a chasm. They get to the edge, look down, and Ed teleports right behind them and knocks them in.
    Ed: And that what you get for blasting my board!
    • Later, when he meets Arsenal for the first time after Arsenal saves him.
      Ed: Gracias, amigo. Um, who are you?
  • After Arsenal asserts the Runaways were used as a distraction for one of Luthor's other pawns, Luthor asserts that Deathstroke is more of a bishop.
  • In the wake of so many moments of "Exactly as planned" they've had during both seasons, seeing the look of "Oh, Crap!" on both Lex and the Reach Ambassador's faces when things started circling the drain for them in this episode was both rewarding, and priceless.

  • Jaime's sass and snark. He may be on mode, but that doesn't mean he can't make fun of everything.
    Jaime: That's not the way I talk! AND STOP WAVING! I look like the Queen of England.[Scarab puts hands on hips] Great, now I'm Peter Pan.
  • Jaime mocking the Ambassador about his lame death threats.
    Ambassador: ... And when we're through with you, there won't be enough left for a DNA identification.
    Jaime: Nice death threat. Could it get any more technical and dull?

  • After showing his delight that Artemis is alive and Kaldur not a traitor, Beast Boy orders Nightwing not to fake any more deaths for another year. Seriously funny and cute, it's like Beast Boy was suddenly the adult and was reprimanding Nightwing for misbehaving.
  • The Banter between Black Manta and Black Beetle, resulting in Black Manta referring to himself in the third person.
  • Blue Beetle stapling the Ambassador and the Scientist to the wall face first.
  • It's hard to catch, but Wally's line when he reveals he showed up for the battle is just hilarious, helped a lot by the delivery.
    Wally: Hey there, Vandy! You miss me?

  • After the League finds out that Lex Luthor is being favored for secretary-general of the UN after the previous one resigned because of the Reach fiasco (Superman: "You have got to be kidding me."), Captain Atom immediately passes leadership right to Black Canary who responds with a Death Glare and sarcasm:
  • The way that Superboy and Miss Martian convince the Rimborian magistrate to clear the League is hilariously awkward.
    • As are the magistrate's increasingly transparent hints. He basically stops just short of waving a "BRIBE ME" sign.
    • 'The I-Told-You-So' running gag from Intervention in Endgame. Whenever their plan fails regarding Blue Beetle and taking over Earth, the Scientist can't resist saying it. In that result the Ambassador gives a Death Glare to her.
      • Black Beetle and the Ambassador having a Not So Different moment by both giving the Scientist Death Glares, when she says it during their 'escort' to the Guardians of the Universe.

    Young Justice: Tie in Comics 
  • In the comic where they are going to be working with Captain Atom, what are they doing? Acting like regular teenagers in a classroom, bored out of their minds. When they are given the mystery...
    Captain Atom: (After they question it) Well, I can get back to the lecture—
    The team: NO!
  • On Nightwing's birthday, Zatanna lays a rather sensual kiss on him. Cue everyone staring in shock (with Miss Martian covering up Beast Boy's eyes), except for Batgirl, who just has a smirk on her face. Immediately after, Rocket kisses him the cheek, leading to this exchange:
    Zatanna: How is it that you're friends with all your exes?
    Nightwing: That's my superpower.

  • The fan-blog "TextsFromYoungJustice is a mashup of screencaps from the show and texts from Texts From Last Night. You're welcome.
  • "The Flaming C" Basically, Conan O'Brien in a fabulous uniform with a smoking oven mitt subbing for Superman. No, click the link, it exists thanks to Bruce Timm and Conan. Also Conan critiqueing the heroes in the scene: "Who is this freaking magician?!"
  • Fans can go on this website to ask Greg Weisman questions about the show. Some of his responses are pretty funny.
    • This Troper found this response funny
      Fan:How did Robin and Aqualad find out M'gann and Conner are dating?
      Greg: By paying attention.
    • Another one
      Fan:Greg, I would like to say it was great to see Milestone characters and more Batman: The Brave and the Bold characters especially Guy Gardner. My most favourite part of that episode was the mudfight between The Team and the Injustice League.
      Greg:"Mudfight"? Poor Greg, getting Squicked by his own fans
    • Greg not caring when fans accuse the characters of being gay or bisexual, simply stating that "that's (insert fan here) opinion.", or something along those lines and almost never giving a clear answer on the matter. The reason it's funny is because of how deadpaned he is in response to such questions.
    • Greg: You know for a "fact" that I'm not on drugs?
    • There's also his deadpan responses to people asking about coloring choices, due to the fact that Greg is colorblind. The fact that multiple people have failed to catch on about it has turned it into something of a Running Gag.
    • His response to one fan's question where the pentagrams on "Misplaced" came from.
  • Jason Spisak (Kid Flash) comes off of his hit Youtube miniseries "Storytime with Razer" to bring you "Wally Reads the Classics."
    • If you think about it, Romeo was a fifteen-year-old boy, so this is probably the most accurate reading of the monologue.
    • He's at it again! Only the end of this one is more adorable than funny.
    • Wally wants to say Happy Birthday!
    • There is one more reading of the classics. Go to the "Tearjerker" section for that one.
  • Nolan North will voice Superboy for food.
  • Wally! Don't be mean to Jade! Even if she is Cheshire!
  • The Greg Weisman Fancy Bastard Pie Competition. Bake a pie and if Greg Weisman judges it to be the best one, he will tell you spoilers about season three — but only if you promise never to repeat them.

Original Comics

    Young Justice: The Original Comics 
  • In Young Justice The Secret #1:
    Robin: Okay. Now, listen Impulse. I need you to go to the DEO Compound and-
    Impulse: Gotcha!
    [Impulse zips off]
    Impulse (zipping back): And... um... what?
  • And soon after:
    Superboy: I don't know whether we'll be that kid's teammates - or his parents!
    Robin: Well, then I know which one you're gonna be!
    Superboy: Oh, no! It's not me! I'm not the mom! I am not the mom!
  • In Young Justice #1:
    • Red Tornado reactivates while Impulse is pretending to surf on his body. When asked why he reactivated, he replies that the boys helped him realize he may not have lost all of his humanity. How? By making him realize how much they (and Impulse in particular) annoy him.
    • Red Tornado has files on every superhero. Sixteen on Hawkman alone.
    • Fite n' Maad show off their badges, which unfold to reveal they're a member of every government agency.
  • Young Justice #2:
    • Robin and the Apokaliptan god Rip Roar having a Let Him Choose moment with the Super-Cycle. Even Impulse is confused.
    • Impulse objecting to Superboy calling the vehicle the Super-Cycle, only for Rip Roar to reveal that's it's actual name.
  • In an early issue of Young Justice, Bart Allen takes a blow to the head and thinks he's Batman. The Adam West Batman.
    • Robin asks him to vibrate at high speed to become intangible. Amnesiac Impulse tries to comply... with spasms.
    Robin: I ask for vibration, he gives me epileptic seizures.
    Superboy: Oh no! It's not me! I'm not the mom! I am NOT the MOM!
    Robin: Wow. She's certainly got huge...tracts of land.
    Impulse: We're supposed to fight her?
    Superboy: If there's a God, then yes!
    Mighty Endowed: I see you up there, trembling in fear!
    Superboy: This isn't fear! It's anticipation!