Funny / YouTube

  • The 2012 April Fools joke, The YouTube Collection
  • Any time you use the auto-captions on a video, you get a Gag Sub of epic proportions. It can get to the point where whatever the audio is, it can change the entire meaning of a series of videos into something completely in the Twilight Zone, such as the cutscenes of a video-game turning into an increasingly melodramatic story about poisonous dinosaur meat giving someone a terminal illness while also buying Christmas decorations.
  • The custom 500 Internal Server error message, which reads:
    Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. If you see them, show them this information: (some alphanumeric gibberish)
  • Welcome to YouTube!
  • What do you get when you take solid parenting, put it in a mask and give it Christian Bale's voice? BatDad!

  • You can find some comedic gems in the comments, much of which are either people who are masquerading as the characters whenever it involves fictional characters, in-character responses, or something that questions sense.
  • In this video clip of the transformation sequence from The Emperor's New Groove, one commenter responded to Kuzco having a human face with llama ears and neck.
    Forest Spirit? Is that you?
  • This sneak preview clip from Partysaurus Rex in response to a familiar-looking toilet seat cover.
    R.I.P. Sulley, 2001-2012. May he forever warm our butts.
  • This is a video/slideshow about a HUGE snake eating a crocodile. And then there's this completely out-of-place comment, which refers to League of Legends.
    Report Renekton for feeding Cassiopeia..
    He should ward the river.. xD
  • Originally, Vevo used to change the background of YouTube videos to match a promotion of a music video by an artist. This comment refers to a wild Pitbull appearing on a Beastie Boys video.
  • On a Feast of Fiction recipe for Lembas Bread from The Lord of the Rings:
    It there a way to make this without nuts for those who are allergic?
  • On an upload of a Childish Gambino song:
    donald i love you, but your nose has a camel toe
  • On a video depicting a bong-user blowing smoke rings:
    Those are the souls of the Cheerios he ate this morning.
  • This video is a serious warning about the deadly river of Bolton Strid, a small, placid river which hides an unknown, lethal depth. Of course, for every serious topic, someone will make jokes about it:
    I think you should drop a camera in there, and show the footage live. You know, stream it.
    Make sure you get a camera that doesn't draw a lot of . . . current.
    Ohhhhhhh! 😄 Record at night with a flood light!
    You can bank on it! 😅
    If I miss the live stream, can I download it as a torrent?
    I have a fear of puns. These make me so nervous, I'm DRIPPING in sweat
    You could say, the rate that these puns are coming in is....RAPID
    Aren't those puns a bit washed out by now?
    Well this has rather put us up a creek