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Funny: You Know What's Bullshit?
  • In the video about DVDs, the Bullshit Man observes that once a DVD starts skipping, it's never the same. Cut to the famous Luke, I Am Your Father clip from The Empire Strikes Back, except stuttering like crazy and thus, ruining any mood it was going for. The scene ends with "DISC ERROR" plastered over Luke's face.
  • In the video about hotel TVs, the name of the hotel that the Bullshit Man is staying at is "Hotel Ass".
  • In the video about Blu-ray packaging, the Bullshit Man is corrected off-camera (probably by Mike Matei) when he accidentally calls a Blu-ray disc a "DVD".
    Bullshit Man: Blu-Ray, whatever the fuck is.
    • Wondering when you'd ever need the latches on DVD cases.
    Bullshit Man: Like, right now, is this gonna be like, "Oh, oh, shit! The DVD won't stay shut! (DVD case falls open repeatedly) Whoops! Whoops! Whoops! No, you just do that, it's snap shut, You don't need these things! Fuckin' assholes!
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