Funny / You Can't Take It with You

  • Mr. Kirby wrestles Kolenkhov to the floor at the end of the movie, a nice Call-Back to when Kolenkhov took Mr. Kirby by surprise earlier and did the same to him.
  • Tony (Jimmy Stewart) tells Alice how much he loves her.
    Tony Kirby: You know, every time I think about how lucky I am, I feel like screaming.
    • Then he gets Alice to scream instead.
    • He then covers for her by claiming she saw "A a rat! With hair on it! And it was this big! And there were six of them! And they just ran under that table!"
  • The phone rings, but Tony won't let go of Alice's hands. So Alice picks up receiver with her teeth.
    Tony: Hey, wonderful, you'd be a sensation on the trapeze!
  • Penny the Plucky Comic Relief (not that she's the only one of course) had a funny running gag about her writing.
  • Everyone's reactions to the fireworks fiasco are priceless. The fireworks start exploding and most everyone starts wildly shouting at each other. It doesn't take long for everybody to start panicking, everyone save Mr. Sycamore and Kolenkhov. Mr. Sycamore tries to stay calm and keep everybody else relaxed, Kolenkhov meanwhile is clapping his hands and cheering.
  • Almost every moment Kolenkhov is on screen:
    "But with you gone, and the grand duchess out of a job, where will I eat?"
  • When Mr. Henderson the IRS agent suspects Ed of being delinquent on his taxes:
    Henderson: (suspiciously) "How much money did you make last year?"
    Ed: "Well, let's see: I think it was about eighty-five dollars, wasn't it?"