Funny / You Can't Take It with You

  • When Mr. Kirby wrestles Kolenkhov to the floor at the end of the movie!
  • When Tony (Jimmy Stewart) tells Alice how much he loves her.
    Tony Kirby: You know, every time I think about how lucky I am, I feel like screaming.
    • Then he gets Alice to scream instead!
    • He then covers for her by claiming she saw a a rat! With hair on it! And it was this big! And there were six of them! And they just ran under that table!
  • I like the bit when the phone rings. Tony won't let go of Alice's hands. So Alice picks up receiver with her teeth.
    Tony: Hey, wonderful, you'd be a sensation on the trapeze!
  • Penny the Plucky Comic Relief (not that shes the only one of course) had a funny running gag about her writing.
    Penny Sycamore: Were you ever in a monastery?
  • Everyone's reactions to the fireworks fiasco. It was all priceless!
  • Almost every moment Kolenkhov is on screen:
    "But with you gone, and the grand duchess out of a job, where will I eat?"