* Pretty much the entire film, really. There's so much random nonsense, silly punning and sheer bizzareness that it borders on RapidFireComedy.
-->'''Ringo:''' I could have sworn it was a yellow submarine! But that isn't logical now, is it? It must have been one of them "unidentified flying cupcakes" -- or a figment of me imagination... <{{beat}}> But I don't ''have'' an imagination.
* The defeated Chief and Max:
-->'''Chief:''' It's no longer a blue world, Max. Where could we go?\\
'''Max:''' Argentina?
* Anything with the Chief Meanie is a trifecta of horror, FunnyMoments, and CrazyAwesome, especially if you can't understand what's he's saying.
** "You're advancing the wrong way! Retreat ''backwards!''"
* The scene when George tries to fix the motor.
-->'''George:''' Let me peruse 'er -- ''[accidentally electrocutes himself]''\\
'''John:''' Well, what do you think?\\
'''George:''' I think I burnt me finger...
* "That's a funny place to put a goldfish bowl."
* "Are you [[SpaceJews blueish?]] You don't ''look'' blueish..."
* As the Beatles infiltrate the landscape with cuts-outs of Pepperlanders:
-->'''Ringo:''' Hey, he reminds me of my old English teacher...\\
'''John:''' (''whispering'') Look, if you must shout, shout quietly!
* Ringo and Old Fred walk past a series of displays:
-->'''Old Fred:''' Hey, what would your friends be doing here?\\
'''Ringo:''' Displayin'.\\
'''Old Fred:''' Displayin' what?\\
'''Ringo:''' Displayin' around.
* The Beatles try to hide from the surrounding Blue Meanies. In a musical instrument cupboard. In the dark. [[WithCatlikeTread Amazingly, only one Meanie was awoken by the ensuing noise.]]
* [[HurricaneOfPuns All]] [[JustForPun of]] [[IncrediblyLamePun the]] [[{{Pun}} puns]]. All of them.