Funny: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

  • Episode 1:
    • Hachiman decides to drive away Yukino by intimidating her. While his reason is more or less sensible, his method consisted of staring at her and growling. For added comic effect, Hachiman cowered after just one Death Glare from Yukino.
    • Yukino delivers a speech for Yui about skills, talents and hardwork. Yui's response "you're so cool!" caught Yukino off guard so much it left her slack-jawed.
  • Episode 2, Yukino provides constructive (albeit rather harsh) criticism of Zaimokuza's light novel. The latter is completely crushed and tries to seek some consolation from Hachiman.
    Zaimokuza: "Hachiman, you can understand me, right?"
    Hachiman: "So what was that a ripoff of, anyway?"
    (Zaimokuza grabs his chest in pain and starts rolling around)
    Yukino: "You're ruthless."
  • Episode 4, Yukino's summations of the chain mail suspects.
    Hayato: "Tobe looks like a bad guy, but he's the most easygoing, and the mood maker. He's always the most proactive in events like these. He's a good guy."
    Yukino: "So he's a class clown who isn't good at anything but making a scene. (Beat) What's wrong? Continue."
    Hayato: "Uh, Yamato is really level-headed and a good listener. He does things at his own pace and puts people at ease. He's a good guy."
    Yukino: "So he's dense and indecisive."
    Hayato: (visibly anxious) "Ooka is great with people. He's good-natured and always helping someone out. He's a good guy—"
    Yukino: "So he reads people's moods like a weathervane. Any one of these people could be the culprit."
  • Episode 5: Nyaa. Nyaaa... Nyaaaaaa!
  • Episode 6:
    • Komachi the good wingman.
    • Hachiman's reaction to Haruno's teasing:
      Hachiman: "Too close! Too close! Too close— hmm, smells nice."
  • Episode 7:
    • Shizuka spams Hachiman with emails, thoroughly scaring him in the process.
      Hachiman: "I feel I'm beginning to understand why Hiratsuka-sensei isn't married yet. Just how much does she like me?"
    • Komachi's short gambit to lure Hachiman to a club trip, and his subsequent reaction to that.
    • Yukino almost responds to that silly greeting before catching herself at the last moment.
    • A bit of introspection on Sensei's past.
      Hachiman: "You seem pretty used to this."note 
      Shizuka: "My club did barbecues a lot during college. While I was tending the fire, couples were—(Beat)crap. Now I'm in a bad mood."
    • Hachiman's associations on laurier leaf.
  • Episode 8: Yukino's A-Cup Angst being thoroughly commented upon by practically everyone.
  • Episode 9: Hachiman uses a phone app on Yui's dog to decode its bark. He constantly gets "Let's go play!" and starts wondering if his app is broken. Then he tries barking himself and gets "I don't want to work, master!"
    Komachi: "It's your head that's broken, Bro."
    • Elaborated further in Volume 5: Hachiman then downloads a similar app to decode Kamakura's meowing and gets "Itchy. Tasty"
  • Episode 11:
    • The yaoi rendition of The Little Prince.
      Hachiman: "Even the original lines sound like BL now..."
    • Hachiman and Yukino bickering over the walkie talkie about Sagami failing her opening speech.
      Yukino: "Hikigaya, give her signal to go on."
      Hachiman: (irritated) "I've been for some time already. She doesn't notice me."
      Yukino: "Oh? I guess I picked the wrong person for the job, then."
      Hachiman: "Are you ridiculing my lack of presence?"
      Yukino: "I'm doing nothing of the sort. Anyway, where are you? In the audience?"
      Hachiman: "You are ridiculing me! Besides, you can actually see me!"
      Committee Member: "Umm, Yukinoshita-san, we can hear you."
      (Both blush)
  • Essentially all of Episode 13.