Funny / Y: The Last Man

     Book One, Unmanned 
  • Yorick's introduction; hanging upside down from a straitjacket, talking about Elvis' twin brother.
    • Even funnier is Ampersand's introduction; throwing his poop at Yorick.
    • 355's introduction; Yorick is talking about how he can't leave his apartment. Beth gives a responds with a sarcastic quip.
    Beth: The world is glorious! What's there to be afraid of?
    Next Page: A masked kidnapper taking a woman hostage.
    • Dr. Mann's introduction; Yorick is talking about how much he misses Beth. Beth tries to cut in.
    Beth: Before you say anything, there's something I should tell you.
    Next Page, Dr. Mann: I'm having a baby.Note 
    • Hero's introduction; her boning a fireman can be funny, but also take note of the disgusted thoughts from her colleagues.
  • During the countdown...
    • At four seconds...
    Government Official: Representative Brown? Your husband just called, said he was going to be late to the party.
    Ms. Brown: Men. Can't live with 'em.
    • At three seconds: the reporter trying to get a date out of Alter, and failing.
    • At two seconds...
    Agent 1033: Three bodies for one artifact recovered? Looks like you're turning into the Culpher Ring's Lara Croft-
    Agent 355: Just shut up and get us out of here.
    • When the plague hits, and the reactions of the men being affected, turning a serious moment into something part Narm, part Gallows Humor.
    Unknown Girl: Daddy? I think Buck is sick.
  • 355 breaks into Secretary Valentine's room. She doesn't even bat an eyelash at it.
    Valentine: If you're looking for food, the kitchen's already been pillaged.'
    • Even funnier is when 355 almost immediately after tells Valentine she's now the President of the United States.
  • The confrontation between Yorick and a chick driving a garbage truck full of corpses.
    • One of the first things she does? Checks his family jewels.
    Girl: You're a real man! But just barely.
    • Yorick's use of the word "whom" prompts the girl to sarcastically ask if he's an English major.
    Yorick: As a matter of fact...
    Girl: Yeah, I really don't care.
    • The girl handcuffing Yorick, despite him being an escape artist, and turning her back away only to find that he escaped.
    (After escaping) Yorick: You're just lucky those handcuffs were Hiatts you little shit.
  • Ms. Brown, after speaking with a colleague, gets a surprise visit from Yorick. First thing she does? Puts those Tae Bo classes to use.
    • "Boy, security sure has gotten lame in this joint since all of the men diEEEEED!
    • Their speculation as to why Yorick survived prompts a Double Take from Ms. Brown.
    Yorick: I bought it in a magic store and used it to propose to Beth right before-
    Ms. Brown: A magic ring? Yorick, don't be ridiculous, that has nothing to do with- ...did you just say proposed?
    Yorick: Yes. That's why I'm going to Australia to find out her answer.
    Ms. Brown: The hell you are!
  • Yorick and Ms. Brown being shot at.
    Ms. Brown: Get away from the window Yorick!
    Yorick: But who's shooting at us mom? Terrorists?
    Ms. Brown: Worse. Republicans.

     Book Two, Cycles 
  • When Victoria delivers an extended, statistic-filled rant about the unfairness of the male-dominated justice system, and after she's finished, Dr. Mann mutters:
    "Jesus Christ. We're in John Ashcroft's hell."

     Book Three, One Small Step 
  • At the end of the astronauts arc.
    Dr. Mann: It's raining men!
    355: ...Hallellujah.

     Book Four, Safeword 

     Book Five, Ring Of Truth 
  • When Yorick tries to scare some Daughters of the Amazons away from a church by levitating himself and pretending to be God:
    Yorick: And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!
    (All but one of the Amazons run off in terror)
    Velvet: Are you serious? That's not even from the Bible! It's a quote from fucking Pulp Fiction!
    • As an added Genius Bonus, the line Yorick quotes actually is from the Bible. It's even from Ezekiel 25:17, and is one of the only parts of the monologue that's in the text.

     Book Six, Girl On Girl 

     Book Seven, Paper Dolls 

     Book Eight, Kimono Dragons 

     Book Nine, Motherland 

     Book Ten, Whys And Wherefores 
  • "Beth, I think Beth has a right to know about... Beth."