Funny / Y: The Last Man

     Book One, Unmanned 
  • Yorick's introduction; hanging upside down from a straitjacket, talking about Elvis' twin brother.
    • Even funnier is Ampersand's introduction; throwing his poop at Yorick.
    • 355's introduction; Yorick is talking about how he can't leave his apartment. Beth gives a responds with a sarcastic quip.
    Beth: The world is glorious! What's there to be afraid of?
    Next Page: A masked kidnapper taking a woman hostage.
    • Dr. Mann's introduction; Yorick is talking about how much he misses Beth. Beth tries to cut in.
    Beth: Before you say anything, there's something I should tell you.
    Next Page, Dr. Mann: I'm having a baby.Note 
    • Hero's introduction; her boning a fireman can be funny, but also take note of the disgusted thoughts from her colleagues.
  • During the countdown...
    • At four seconds...
    Government Official: Representative Brown? Your husband just called, said he was going to be late to the party.
    Ms. Brown: Men. Can't live with 'em.
    • At three seconds: the reporter trying to get a date out of Alter, and failing.
    • At two seconds...
    Agent 1033: Three bodies for one artifact recovered? Looks like you're turning into the Culpher Ring's Lara Croft-
    Agent 355: Just shut up and get us out of here.
    • When the plague hits, and the reactions of the men being affected, turning a serious moment into something part Narm, part Gallows Humor.
    Unknown Girl: Daddy? I think Buck is sick.
  • 355 breaks into Secretary Valentine's room. She doesn't even bat an eyelash at it.
    Valentine: If you're looking for food, the kitchen's already been pillaged.'
    • Even funnier is when 355 almost immediately after tells Valentine she's now the President of the United States.
  • The confrontation between Yorick and a chick driving a garbage truck full of corpses.
    • One of the first things she does? Checks his family jewels.
    Girl: You're a real man! But just barely.
    • Yorick's use of the word "whom" prompts the girl to sarcastically ask if he's an English major.
    Yorick: As a matter of fact...
    Girl: Yeah, I really don't care.
    • The girl handcuffing Yorick, despite him being an escape artist, and turning her back away only to find that he escaped.
    (After escaping) Yorick: You're just lucky those handcuffs were Hiatts you little shit.
  • Ms. Brown, after speaking with a colleague, gets a surprise visit from Yorick. First thing she does? Puts those Tae Bo classes to use.
    • "Boy, security sure has gotten lame in this joint since all of the men diEEEEED!
    • Their speculation as to why Yorick survived prompts a Double Take from Ms. Brown.
    Yorick: I bought it in a magic store and used it to propose to Beth right before-
    Ms. Brown: A magic ring? Yorick, don't be ridiculous, that has nothing to do with- ...did you just say proposed?
    Yorick: Yes. That's why I'm going to Australia to find out her answer.
    Ms. Brown: The hell you are!
  • Yorick and Ms. Brown being shot at.
    Ms. Brown: Get away from the window Yorick!
    Yorick: But who's shooting at us mom? Terrorists?
    Ms. Brown: Worse. Republicans.

     Book Two, Cycles 
  • When Victoria delivers an extended, statistic-filled rant about the unfairness of the male-dominated justice system, and after she's finished, Dr. Mann mutters:
    "Jesus Christ. We're in John Ashcroft's hell."

     Book Three, One Small Step 
  • At the end of the astronauts arc.
    Dr. Mann: It's raining men!
    355: ...Hallellujah.

     Book Four, Safeword 

     Book Five, Ring Of Truth 
  • When Yorick tries to scare some Daughters of the Amazons away from a church by levitating himself and pretending to be God:
    Yorick: And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!
    (All but one of the Amazons run off in terror)
    Velvet: Are you serious? That's not even from the Bible! It's a quote from fucking Pulp Fiction!
    • As an added Genius Bonus, the line Yorick quotes actually is from the Bible. It's even from Ezekiel 25:17, and is one of the only parts of the monologue that's in the text.

     Book Six, Girl On Girl 

     Book Seven, Paper Dolls 
  • Yorick's priorities after getting his naked picture taken.
  • Laughter died with the dudes.

     Book Eight, Kimono Dragons 

     Book Nine, Motherland 

     Book Ten, Whys And Wherefores 
  • "Beth, I think Beth has a right to know about... Beth."