Funny / Xiaolin Showdown

  • In "Screams of the Siren", the Monks first discover Dyris, who's floating in freezing water.
    Raimundo: Someone should jump in to save her! [barely touches water with his foot, then shivers at how cold it is] Someone with a lot of body fat. [points to Clay]
    Clay: Or... [grabs Raimundo's head] Someone with a flotation device for a head! [shoves him into the water]
    Raimundo: Hey!
  • One episode had Jack obsessing over Chase. Wuya finds him and points out that it's pathetic. Jack then claims Wuya is jealous.
    Wuya: Me jealous. HAHAHA! (sadface) What'ssospecialaboutChaseYounganyways?
  • This gem from the first episode:
    Omi: And so, our grand quest begins. Follow me... TO VICTORY!!!!
    (Beat as the rest of the Xiaolin Dragons stare on)
    Omi (offscreen): ...I have no idea where I'm going.
  • Omi and Bessy the Cow.
  • 962 years of darkness.
    Master Fung: It has already begun. A thousand years of darkness.
    Kimiko: Why a thousand?
    Master Fung: It is really 962 years, but a thousand sounds more ominous.
  • This little gem:
    Clay: You okay, Dojo?!
    Clay: You don't have legs.
  • What was Jack Spicer's reaction to the furry-scorpion-thing Sabini landing on his face after trying to get the Monarch Wings? To scream EXACTLY like a little girl.
    • He also does this upon the awakening of Mala Mala Jong.
  • The blind old man being constantly confused about his location.
    Old Man: What? I live in a cave?!
  • Clay's Loophole Abuse in the second episode.
  • Omi's messed up phrase from Something Jermaine:
    Omi: I order you to spill your internal organs, right now!
    Raimundo: Uh, I think what he's trying to say is "spill your guts".
  • And from Oil In The Family:
    Omi The jig is down! You are at the top of the rope! Spoon over the Wu!
    [Beat as every single character stops what they are doing to contemplate this]
    Raimundo: (wobbles by) Bleurgh... (faints)
    Jack: Oh! The jig is up, you're at the end of your rope, fork over the Wu! (does a victory dance and flashes a ribbon saying "EVIL GENIUS")
  • Omi's reaction to Raimundo turning off the game he was playing.
  • Raimundo's deadpan reactions to Omi's bad idioms can be just as funny, if not more so, especially when he completely gives up on correcting the boy in the third season.
    Omi: Dojo! Keep your ears on the game!
    Rai, completely flat: Omi, you gotta be doing that on purpose.
  • Dojo's "magic trick" in Time After Time.
    Dojo: It's the Queen of Hearts!
    Chase: *Completely deadpan* Seven of Spades.
  • The showdown for the Falcon's Eye. Omi's still in Nine Dragon mode and is as loopy as a Whoozy Shooter victim, leading to some immensely hilarious moments, hightlights include:
    • Poking Jack's nose while giggling and informing him, "You are very funny man! I like cake!" while making a literal ◕ω◕ face.
    • Falling off his board mid-challenge, then standing in the middle of the snow lane, causing Jack crash into him while Omi yells, "HUUUUUG!" Jack's baffled expression during the hug really sells it.
    • Sliding up and then back down the final hill.
    • Jack challenges Omi to a Xiaolin Showdown. Omi pinches his nose.
    Omi: Honk!
    Jack: I'll take that as a yes...
  • Dojo's attempts to make Omi release him from a cage.
    Dojo: (disguises as Master Fung) Omi, Dojo has escaped, you must unlock this cage!
    Omi: You are not Master Fung.
    Dojo: (disguises as a little girl) I'm scared! Please let me out!
    Omi: Dojo, that will not fool me.
    Dojo: (disguises as an old Chinese woman) Omi, this is your mother, open this cage right now!
    Omi: I am an orphan!
  • Omi's mullet in "Dreamscape."
  • "Is that luck - or a trap?" "SAME DIFFERENCE!"
  • Episode 9:
    Omi: Who put this building in my way?!
    • Omi trying to use slang. It's the look of confusion on his face that sells it.
  • Pretty much anything involving the invisible mime box, but the kicker would have to be Raimundo's response to Clay finally figuring out that his friends are trapped in there:
    Raimundo: (imitating Clay) Iiiit's sum - sort - of in-vis-e-ble baaaaaaax. Ai, took him long enough.
  • "No girl will become a leader before me." "I could've built that machine." "Mmm, baby back ribs..."
  • Jack becoming leader of the Black Vipers. "Yes! I guess this makes me queen!" (Beat, followed by stock child's laughter)
  • After Clay and his dad have a heart to heart, Jack asks...
    Jack: How come we don't have a relationship like that?
    Wuya: I'm not your mommy. Now, pick up your toys, Jackie, and let's go home.
  • "C'mon, Rai, you can still win this!" "Just think: WHAT WOULD OMI DO?!"
  • Omi biting Monkey!Jack on the butt in retaliation for Monkey!Jack biting him on the butt.
    Kimiko: I think that plan would've worked on Jack even if he wasn't a monkey.
  • Good!Jack. Just... Good!Jack. He's like Rock Lee on goodness steroids. Every move is punctuated by a girly ballet spin, a thumbs up, a sparkling smile, or some combination thereof.
    • (Everybody takes one step backwards. Good!Jack is blissfully unaware.)
    Master Monk Guan: I am tough, but Fair. All I ask is for you to do exactly as I say and never ask questions, (Sudden Shout) DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!
    Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Raimondo: Yes Master Monk Guan!
    Master Monk Guan: Good, now any questions?
    • (Raimondo foolishly raises his hand)
    • And after they clean up the dishes, Master Monk Guan yells out to do it again before Night Fall.
    Raimondo: But they're already clean enough to eat off of, See?
    Master Monk Guan: THAT SOUNDED LIKE A QUESTION?! (Followed by Raimondo doing presumably 50 pushups as punishment)
  • From "Wu Got The Power":
    Jack: That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of it?
    Hannibal: My guess? An extra chromosome. Now bring me the Shen Gong Wu!
  • In episode 6, Omi demonstrates his foresight in Shen Gong Wu sparring:
    (Both choose weapons)
    Raimundo: Tangle Web Comb!
    (Omi's turn to choose)
    Omi: I'm good.
    [Comb backfires on Rai.]
    Rai: Fist of Tebigong!
    Omi: Two-Ton Tunic!
    Clay: Ouch.
    Kimiko: With a capital "O."
  • In episode S3E04, "Omi Town":
    • At the beginning, everyone is opening presents sent to them by their family. Except for Omi, who is sitting in the corner, depressed.
    Dojo: Hey, Omi-ball. Why aren't you grabbing the booty?
    Omi: I do not feel like grabbing my booty.
    Dojo: Poor kid gets this way every year around this time.
    Kimiko: [grabs his mouth and hold it shut] Nice, Rai. Now why don't you just go kick him?
    Raimundo: Hey, I didn't mean anything. Besides, it's not all bad being an orphan. Think of what you save on gifts.
    [Omi flops down onto his face.]
    Dojo: [to Raimundo] I don't think you're getting through.
    • Omi leaves the temple for a while and the group try to do Wudai Orion Formation. Kimiko jumps and lands right on her face.
    • Omi's face the moment he realizes his family is made out of robots.
    • "What is so unusual about a town of exceptionally good-looking people?!"
  • This exchange from "The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean":
    Omi, to Kimiko: You are THE MALE!
    Raimundo: Ah, that's 'you are the man'.
    Clay, to Kimiko: Well, you're... definitely somethin'.
  • "Anyway, we're going to get to the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman first. Right, evil posse?!" (Robot posse cheers enthusiastically, save for one who is picking flowers.)
  • Three-second rule!
  • Raimundo Breaking the Fourth Wall in Hannibal's Revenge, complete with grins and thumbs up from the others. As one viewer on YouTube put it:
    skellington15: The 4th Wall has suffered a humiliating defeat!
    • Master Fung makes an ominous statement.
    Raimundo: Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, "Previously, on Xiaolin Showdown!"
    (Everyone smiles and gives a thumbs-up)
  • Omi attempting witty banter
    Omi: He who is last to be laughing, laughs most loudly!
    Raimundo: What Omi did to that sentence is what we're gonna do to you!
    • That was the episode where Jack Spicer unveils his new Evil Laugh. It is by far the most annoying sound you'll ever hear.
  • When everyone's sad about Clay leaving, Raimundo says that he misses Clay, as he can still make fun of Omi, but most of the time he doesn't get it. Cue Omi lamenting and halfway through he is outraged that Raimundo makes fun of him.
  • Jack writing Omi's evil theme music.
  • The Chi Creature placing a set of toilet paper labeled econo size in Good!Jack's shopping cart.
  • Jack doesn't know how to dress himself according to Wuya. Different colored socks.
  • Omi tries using the Serpent's Tail to find the Golden Tiger claws after sending it to the Earth's core. During the trip, he ends up in the middle of a farm, startling an old farmer. After Omi apologizes, the farmer says this little gem:
    Farmer: *in a rather casual tone* Darn talkin' gophers.
  • Jack's left-field ability with winter sports:
    (literally skating circles around Omi) I ask for knife-throwing lessons, Mom sends me figure skating. (imitates) "You never know when it'll come in handy!" Now I feel kinda bad for making a robot out of her juicer. (All completely deadpan.)
  • In "The Shard of Lightning," rapid-fire hilarity goes as follows: Jack Spicer epically wins, because it's actually a robot with better one-liners. Using the Shard of Lightning, they steal almost every Wu from the temple, pranking all the way (including Omi getting pantsed and handed a squirrel, plus the old "Saw Under the Floor" trick). Meanwhile, Wuya can't make her new "Mook" Catnappe do diddly-doo dah. Cue showdown featuring several betrayals aaand...
    Omi: How do you stop an elephant from charging? You do not.
  • For the entire "Dream Stalker" episode, Hannibal Bean's been spamming Raimundo with scary things (which can be funny enough in and of itself). Meanwhile, The Dragon of the episode, summoned a rhino to help it fight, but the remaining 3 monks won anyway, wonder how... Cue Rai in the sky Mufasa-style with a younger Rai, who promptly explain and wish them sweet dreams. Their reactions plus flat sax are what sell it, though.
  • How does Chase Young feel about his fellow villains?
    • "(Wuya) was less annoying as a disembodied floating head!"
    • "(Hannibal Bean) could pour fertilizer on that head and nothing would grow!"
    • (Chase's door slams on Jack Spicer)
    • (The rest get shot out of a catapault)
  • When the monks need Jack to win, they pretend to Jack that the other villains suddenly respect him with a recording of them impersonating the villains:
    Omi (Impersonating Wuya with a cutout mask): Do not underestimate Jack. Those bubble bots are genius!
    Clay (Impersonating Chase the same way while stroking a plush tiger): Spicer has taken his martial arts skills to a new level!
    Dojo walks onto the screen in a bathrobe
    Raimundo: Dojo, get out of the shot!
    Kimimo (Impersonating Hannibal Bean with a finger puppet): He is truly evil incarnate!
    • And it actually works.
  • This conversation that happens over Kimiko's hometown of Tokyo.
    Kimiko: I can't wait to introduce you all to [my dad]. He's super cool.
    Raimundo: And super rich! (dollar-sign eyes) Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite monk?
    Omi: (intensely sad face) I thought I was your favorite...
    • That same episode, when the group meets Kimiko's father:
    Kimiko: Papa's always been a kid at heart. When I was little, he bought me every electronic toy out there. I had to beg for him to buy me clothes.
    Omi: You didn't wear any clothes?
  • From "Saving Omi:
    Chase (talking to Jack): "Cyclops soiled himself again. And when you are done be sure to bury the treasure. Deep."
  • From "Like a Rock!".
    Raimundo: Oh, this is nice, huh? The three of us friends having a few laughs together. But where's our fourth friend, Mr. Clay? Oh, that's right, HE'S LOSING THE FIST OF TEBIGONG TO JACK SPICER!!! DID YOU GUYS FORGET THAT?!?!?
    • While the three are trapped inside the box, Kimiko tries her way of getting out. What does she do? She throws Raimundo at the wall to try to break it. And she seemed to enjoy it.
  • In "My Homey Omi", Omi actually gets his first (and only) catchphrase right, the weird thing is that no one seems to have noticed.
    Omi: I am not feeling like "all that and a bag of chips" anymore.
  • "The New Order": Grasshopper doing dog paddle.
    • And the best part is that Chase Young said it.
  • Genetically-altered superkittens.
  • Another Running Gag in ghost!Wuya using her intangibility to float through Jack, which creeps him out. In "Enter the Dragon", she becomes so frightened at Dojo's evil side, she lets out an ear-piercing scream and dives inside of Jack's body, making him shudder and retch.
    Jack: Boundaries, please! You know I don't like that.
  • One scene in "The Apprentice" pretty much has three right in a row.
    Omi: (kicks robo-Jack's head off thinking it's the real Jack, and screams) I did not want that much revenge!
    • Which is followed by Katnappe turning to a framed picture of a safe. Jack's safe is underneath it. She then proceeds to dial out the combination: 1-2-3.
  • The ridiculous moves.
    Omi: Sparrow eating hot dog!
    Chase: Sparrow eating hot dog?
  • When Wuya steals Raimundo's body due to the Heylin comet, the showdown is "Steal The Wu", where the characters have to take Wuya's three Shen Gong Wu, the Third Arm Sash, Helmet of Jong, and Mantis Flip Coin. And then she uses the Shroud of Shadows, a Wu that wasn't wagered, and Kimiko calls Wuya on cheating. Wuya says "You're fighting evil. What do you expect?".
  • Wuya sums up Jack's deal with Pandabubba as...
    Wuya: You mean you traded the most powerful objects in the world for robot parts!?
    Jack: I kept the Monkey Staff.
    (Wuya tries to punch Jack, her ghostly fists going through him)
  • Omi's attempt to make Chase good by going back in time. It works. Hannibal gives Chase a bowl of what they both think is Lao Mang Lone soup, and the following happens (doubles as a Moment of Awesome):
    Chase: (spits it out) I see you take me for a fool! This tastes like...
    Hannibal (tasting it): Pea soup?
    (Chase picks him up)
    Chase: You expect me to trade my eternal soul for pea soup?
    Hannibal: NO! This is a trick!
    Chase: Here's another one! I call it: "The Vanishing Bean!"
    (he proceeds to plop Hannibal into the soup pot and toss it, with Hannibal screaming all the way)
  • Jack Spicer is playing with the Rio Reverso, a Shen Gong Wu that turns something into its original state (Like, for example, a tree into an acorn). First, he turns a football into a pig. "And now to answer the greatest question..." He whips out a chicken. "Which came first!?" The chicken turns into an egg...and back into a chicken...and back to an egg...and then a chicken...and keeps goin back and forth as it rolls off the table.
    Jack: There are some was not meant to know.
  • Whenever Clay says "What a Dojo!"
  • Jack trying to convince a parrot, which he mistakes for The Bird of Paradise, to tell him what makes the bird so special, but failing terribly because the parrot keeps reapeating him and Jack takes everything it says literally, including when he threatens the parrot to beat him up if he doesn't answer his question. In other words, he gets scared at his own threat.