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Funny: Xenoblade
  • Some of the end-of-battle quotes. Here's one of the most hilarious:
    Melia: Here Riki, Riki, Riki... May I stroke your fur please?
    Riki: Melly always welcome!
    Reyn: Me too! Me too!
    Riki: Reyn give one biscuit for every stroke!
    Reyn: Hey! Why am I the only one who has to give you stuff!?

    Reyn: You can't spell 'rainbow' without 'Reyn', baby!
    Melia: Dunban, I think you need to have a talk with Reyn.
    Dunban: No, let's just pretend this never happened.

    Riki: Riki wish Melly was real big sister
    Melia: Aww, what about Sharla?
    Riki: Sharla more like mama. One mama enough.
    Sharla: Now wait just one minute!

    Melia: He's [Riki] so cuddly I could almost cuddle him to death.
    Dunban: Riki may be the softest of all Nopon.
    Riki: Riki suddenly feel afraid...

    Reyn: Just goes to show, brawn is better than brains.
    Sharla: Oh, I can't let him stand for that.
    Melia: The head, shoot him in the head!
    Reyn: What, what did I say?

    Reyn: Sharla, did you see me?! Did you see what I did?
    Sharla: Oh, I wasn't really looking.
    Reyn: Oh come on! That ain't fair!
    Shulk: *laughs*
    • In fact each of the 37 potential combinations(35 threes and two early-game duos) of characters has an amusing post-battle quote. Most of them are pretty good and they don't repeat often enough to become grating.
  • Some of the item descriptions are also pretty funny, for example
    Rotten Meat: Best avoided. Sold with a certificate guaranteeing gastroenteritis.
  • As a gameplay example: seeing a vision of a really powerful enemy attack... missing. Sometimes you don't want to change the future!
  • Put Reyn in the party lead and jump around for a while. One of his voice clips for jumping is "alley-oop!", which is just so unexpected compared to everyone else's that you can't help but laugh.
  • A somewhat grim one: after the Ether Mines, Shulk and Reyn stand near a cliff edge and commiserate over not finding Metal Face. Guess whose enourmous form suddenly rises over the ridge?
    Metal Face: Hope I'm not interrupting...
  • Melia's introduction starts with the wrong foot when a recently sent back to conciousness Melly slaps Shulk clean in the face. Cue awkward apology.
    Melia: I'm sorry. I did not have the pleasure of coming into contact with a male Homs.
    Dunban: "Coming into contact"? *Laughs*
    Reyn: Hey, Shulk; you're creeping this lady out! *Grin/thumbs up combo*
    Shulk: Shut up, Reyn!
    Melia: This large one is far worse.
    Reyn: Me!?
    *Shulk and Sharla laugh*
  • Riki's introduction, full stop. Words cannot do it justice.
    • For added Genius Bonus, watch carefully how Melia, Shulk, then Reyn punt Riki around in the air: it's a legitimate volleyball play.
  • When the party first enters the High Entia Tomb, this happens.
    • And then when Shulk, Sharla, Dunban, Riki and Alvis call out Reyn for that.
  • Late into the game, while things slowly get dark as the plot advances, there are still noteable moments to make you smile. Like when the party falls onto the flying Junks, Dickson drops down to greet Shulk and Fiora with open arms...and Rieyn with his feet.
  • Some cutscenes can do this depending on the player's preference in equipment, because when things are supposed to be completely serious you can't help but crack a smile because Dunban is half-naked, Melia looking astonishing with glasses, or Riki making priceless facial expressions in the background while carrying a ridiculous biter with him.
  • The end cutscene has a few good scenes, from the fishing antics between Reyn and Riki, to Shulk awkwardly pretending not to notice that Fiora got her old body back, changing the subject to her hairstyle of all things.
  • The end of the Red Pollen Orb sidequest chain, where you confront Bana the Nopon. You promptly fight him as a Unique Monster to the tune of Tragic Decision.

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