Funny / Xavier: Renegade Angel

"Take that! Taste the pain!"
anyone who beats up Xavier

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    Season 1 
What Life D-D-Doth

Chief Beef Loco

Weapons Grade Life
  • "At least he died with God in his heart. You can taste it. Could use a little coconut."
  • "They say when you die, you shit your pants. But not me; I'm gonna shit my heart."

The 6th Teat of Good Intentions

Pet Siouxicide
  • When Xavier and the son of a rich mogul try and do impressions of each other, the boy BENDS his knees in similar fashion to Xaviers all while a distorted version of the shows theme song plays in the background.

World of Hurt, BC

  • We have this gem, from his self monologue as he washes himself under a waterfall.
  • Four words: Blue Chocolate Chip Tampons.
  • This brilliant piece of Circular Reasoning:
    Xavier: Rain, it's just God's tears. I know a shamanic Navajo rain dance that hasn't just blown minds, it's blown ducts, tear ducts.
    Farmer: I'm willing to try any precipitation boogie you got!
    Xavier: HAY A HO HAYaaaw, shucks, I forgot it! But we can jog my memory, with the Lakota memory jogging dance.
    Farmer: Just show me how!
    Xavier: AY YO HWA! AY...can't remember the memory jogging dance. I know, the irony is rich, so all we have to do is the Iroquois irony melting dance, and we'll be golden.
    Farmer: Do you remember that one?
    Xavier: Of course! This noodle is a steel cage! But only God can do that dance. And it has to be raining. That's the irony part.
    • When the desperate farmer shoots at the sky in order to force God to bring rain upon his crops, he utters this line:
  • When a sentient cloud blows black smoke at civilians, covering them in ash, police arrive to beat the said civilians.

Escape from Squatopian Freedom

Signs from Godrilla

The Shakashuri Blowdown

    Season 2 
  • "It's an airquake, a SOULSHAKE!"

Xavier's Maneuver

El Tornadador

Haunted Tonk

Free Range Manibalism

Damnesia Vu

Going Normal

Kharmarabionic Lotion
  • When Xavier tries to reason with angry locals who he thought were going to beat him up, only for them to beat up upon an Arab.
    Xavier: I gotta warn you, if you beat me up, one day that pain will come back to me, sex fooold.
    Local: Not you freak, this here terroristical sand negroid!
    • "Please, they prefer to be call sandfrican americans."

Damnesia You

Braingeas Final Cranny