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Funny: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Wade Wilson.
    • "Okay. People are dead."
    • "You whip out of a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriend's wedding and they will never, ever forget it."
    • "Granted it's probably not as intimidating as having a gun or bone claws or the fingernails of bag lady."
    • "Great! Stuck in an elevator with 5 guys and a high-protein diet; dreams really do come true."
  • Remy's sudden re-appearance at the end, and Wolverine's annoyed reaction.
    Remy: You miss me?
    Logan: Oh, Jesus...
  • This little exchange:
    Logan: "Come on, bub, for old times' sake!"
    Dukes: "...Did you just call me... BLOB?!" [cue the Unstoppable Rage]
    • And later:
    Wraith: "I told you not to insult his weight!"
    Logan: "I don't call him 'Blob'. I said 'bub'!"
  • After being put through the adamantium bonding process, Wolverine somehow loses the pair of briefs he was wearing while in the tank, during his escape.
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