Funny / Writing Excuses

Because trope documentation can be hilarious from the writer's end of things too.

  • From the Horror podcast: "Today's Writing Excuses is brought to you by: Pants. Pants: You Put Them On Your Legs."
    "Uh, put - put them all the way up!"
    "Pants: Put Them Back On, Please."
  • "Fifteen seconds long, because you're really in a hurry... and we are all going to die."
  • "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry... and we're apparently all high."
  • "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry... and we are going to Hell...or some polytheistic Hell.."
  • "Fifteen minutes long, because we're in a hurry... and you're not that smart" from Offending Your Readers
    • "Nuke the Blue Monkeys" as a band name, from the same episode.
  • Howard Taylor describes how to research speech patterns for younger characters...
    Brandon: That's EVEN WORSE!
    Howard: I am not on that list!
    Brandon: ...YET.
  • "Furry fanfiction by Mary Robinette Koala"
  • "These marshmallows are delicious!"
  • Season 2, Episode 26. Guest host Nancy Fulda casually insults self-publishing not realizing that Howard self-publishes the Schlock Mercenary collections. Howard's sad response "I'm self-published" is hilarious.
  • Season 4, Episode 14. "And when the universe's supply of lithium is depleted, an ADHD Cthulhu appears and is VERY distracted."
  • The season 5 bonus episode on Flash Fiction is this, in it's entirety. The entire transcript is below:
    Brandon:This is Writing Excuses, season 5, flash fiction!
    Howard: Fifteen seconds long, because you're in a hurry-
    Dan: -And we're not that smart!
    Brandon: I'm Brandon!
    Dan: I'm Dan!
    Howard: I'm Howard!
    Dan: Be really fast!
    Brandon: You're out of excuses, now go write!
  • The entirety of of the Season 7 episode called "Writing Excuses." It consists of everyone staying completely in-character and discussing ways to put off writing a book. The opening says all:
    Brandon: I'm Brandon!
    Dan: I'm Dan!
    Mary: I'm Mary!
    Howard: I'm Howard!
    Brandon: And we're going to tell you why you shouldn't be writing!
    • Because the episode is so in-character and matter-of-fact, it becomes so much funnier when they start Corpsing and have to cut to a commercial after a discourse on how all the best sci-fi and fantasy authors have beards and how women need to be growing facial hair in order to break in.

Pod to the cast, biznachos.