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Funny: WrestleMania
  • The Stinger for WrestleMania IX featured Kamala "communing with the animals" backstage at Circus Maximus. He was supposed to fight Bam Bam Bigelow, but the match didn't happen.
  • The footage of OJ Simpson being pursued by police getting reused in the Hollywood back lot brawl between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Goldust at Wrestlemania 12.
    • Made even funnier with Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler hanging lampshades over the use of the footage. Vince even remarks "You know I have to say that this footage looks...awfully familiar."
  • The commercials for WrestleMania 21, such as Triple H parodying Braveheart and Ric Flair coming in with a mule. Other examples include:
    • Undertaker doing the famous "Did I fire six shots, or was it only five?" ending with the signature eye roll.
    • Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle do the famous scene from "When Harry Met Sally", complete with Kurt wearing a ridiculous wig.
      Linda McMahon: I'll have what she's having.
    • Various superstars doing the "You talking to me?" line from Taxi, ranging from Big Show unable to do it, and Batista with a Who's on First? routine.
    • Basic Instinct with the three Chris's (Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Christian) interrogating Stacy Helms engaging in different "activities". Including this famous line:
    Christian: How about sadomasochistic activity?
    (cue Chris Jericho and Benoit staring at Christian)
    Christian: Just asking.
    • Eugene as Forrest Gump, ending with William Regal screaming, "Run Eugene, run!" after Eugene accidentally punches the old woman on the bench out.
    • Eddie Guerrero and Booker T as Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield and Booker T doing his own version of Ezekiel 25:17, ending with Booker T patting Eddie on the back for an I Just Shot Marvin in the Face gag.
  • Hardcore Championship madness at WM18. The title changed hands from Maven, Spike Dudley, The Hurricane, Mighty Molly, Christian and back to Maven.
  • Boogeyman vs Booker T at WrestleMania 22, both the build up and the actual match.
  • Hulk Hogan's confusing of the Superdome (in New Orleans) with the Silverdome (in Detroit) at WrestleMania XXX. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson couldn't let that one slide.
  • The crowd's reaction to The Undertaker's loss to Brock Lesnar. One guy ran his fingers down his face so hard he could've peeled his skin off.
  • The crowd going back to Fandango-ing during the André the Giant battle royal and then Sheamus hitting him in the chest 27 times before ultimately pushing him off the ring.

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