Funny / Wonder Pets

  • "Save the Honey Bears," an apparent Stealth Parody of Care Bears with Tuck as a doting fanboy, Ming-Ming as a very unamused and irritated duckling, and Linny in the middle and trying to stay calm
  • In "Save the Swan", the pets think that they have to save a swan because his head is stuck in a bucket. When they free him surprisingly easily, we have this exchange:
    Linny: How does it feel to be free, Baby Swan?
    (Swan immediately puts the bucket back on his head)
    Ming-Ming: That good, huh?
  • The Toilet Humor in "Save the Puppy!"
  • Ollie the bunny is usually good for at least a few laughs. For example, in "Help the Easter Bunny!", he has everybody do a bunny hop while singing a song. Afterwards:
    Linny: Uh, that was great Ollie, but what did it have to do with hiding eggs?
    Ollie: Hiding what?
    Tuck: The eggs.
    Ollie: What eggs?
    Ming-Ming: (facewing) Ugh!
  • In "Here's Ollie," Ollie invites the pets for a sleepover, and Ming-Ming can barely restrain herself from snarking constantly. Then Ollie insists that they play a game before bedtime and suggests tag, saying that they'll never tag him. So Ming-Ming tags him on the spot - "Tag. Time for bed."
  • In "Save the Bengal Tiger," the pets and several other animals perform a song called "I Like Being Small." A baby elephant comments that "It's great to be small!" and Tuck asks "You're small, baby elephant?" to which he replies "Uh huh, check out my Dad" and we see his Dad, who is huge. Ming-Ming comments "It's all welative, I guess."
  • The Wonder Pets are trying to figure out what the Visitor is...
    Ming-Ming: Maybe he's a guinea pig. He sure eats like one.
    Linny: (gives Death Glare)
  • In "Save the Hermit Crab," the Wonder Pets are helping a hermit crab who needs a new shell and says he will shrivel up in the sun if he doesn't get one. However, after they put him in a chair in the shade and comment about how they need to help him soon because he's so hot, he comments "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."