Funny / Wonder Woman

Examples from Wonder Woman in Comics

  • During a JLA arc written by Gail Simone, at one point as the JLA hold a briefing to deal with their current opponents, Wonder Woman provides a tray of pomegranate pastries she had just baked, claiming that they were her mother's recipe. Green Lantern and The Flash immediately respond, "Wonder Woman...baked...?" The pastries turned out to be delicious. At the end of the briefing after the team came up with a strategy against their foes, Batman gave everyone their marching orders, finishing with, "And one more thing. Diana, Alfred will want this recipe."
  • Wonder Woman gets attacked by the alien Khund, and after defeating them talks with two of their leaders.
    Kho: When you used our weapons against us, that was so rad!
    Wonder Woman: "Rad"?
    Kho: Exquisite! Oh, to die by your mighty hand!
    Wonder Woman: I... I'm lost.
    Kharhi: I am Kharhi, Destroyer. I have the honor of being the Khund emperor's advisor. This is my daughter, Kho.
    Kho: I am such a fan, pardon my gush, warrior!
    Kharhi: She watches the MTV, I'm afraid.
  • Wonder Woman is taking on most of Batman's rogues gallery with the assistance of Harley Quinn and Catwoman. As we see The Penguin, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and Man-Bat all get taken down, we see The Joker... hailing a cab.
    • The Joker later tries to hold the cabbie hostage at knife-point, but Two-Face informs Wonder Woman that J won't kill the innocent because if he does, he loses a bet Two-Face made with him that he couldn't go a whole day without killing someone. Joker takes a super-powered punch to the jaw rather than lose his bet.
  • During Greg Rucka's run, Carissa and Dr. Anderson snarking at each other about the best way to help Diana (who was blinded during her fight with Medousa).
    Carissa: Don't tell me [Wonder Woman] hasn't told you glorified barbers about our purple healing ray?
    Dr. Anderson: Maybe she was embarrassed to call it that.