Funny: Wolverine and the X-Men


  • From episode 18, Kitty is stuck babysitting Tildie when the MRD shows up, and we get this gem as Kitty's trying to keep Tildie calm:

    "Trust me, everything's going to be alright, there's no need to go and create a big hundred-foot-tall monster that's gonna step on the mansion! You stay here with the professor and I'll go get us some chips, a couple of sodas and maybe a board game! Everything's going to be fine! Okay?"


  • Idie and Quention's interaction in #5:
    Quentin: Hi there. Idie, is it?
    Idie: If you want to be my boyfriend, Quentin Quire, just know up front that I am not interested in having very many children. Five ought to be plenty.
    Quentin: On second thought...
  • At the graduation ceremony, this little exchange between Fantomex and Abigail Brand.
    Fantomex: Apologies, but... your child appears to be a flesh-eating alien.
    Abigail: And yours appears to be Apocalypse.
    Fantomex: Touche. Perhaps you'd like to join me for dinner sometime to... swap parenting advice?
    Abigail: Perhaps you'd like to get deported to Mars.
  • The first TPB features the school's class list as bonus material, with one class being "Ethics 101: Forgetting Everything You Ever Learned From Emma Frost, with Headmistress Pryde". It's even funnier if you remember that in an issue of Astonishing X-Men, back in 2004, Kitty was surprised to hear that Emma taught ethics. Other classes include "World History (1880 - 1950): An Eyewitness Account, with Headmaster Logan" and "Algebra Sucks: I Know, But You Still Have To Learn It, with Professor Bobby Drake."
  • The Terrible Interviewees Montage from #19, featuring Blade, Hellstorm, Sasquatch and Puck, Longshot (who lists his acting resume), Dr. Nemesis (Who asks how liberal the school's policy on shooting children in the face with hypodermic needles is), Gorilla-Man, Ghost Rider, Deadpool (Who keeps coming back), Werewolf by Night, Firestar, a regular human teacher (who asks if any of the faculty is actually qualified to teach children), Fat Cobra, and Spider-Man (Who just wanted to see Wolverine's school for himself).
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