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Funny: Wild Beasts
  • "Assembly" is an entire Crowning Moment of Funny, simply because it's so ridiculous for words.
  • From "Please, Sir",
    So for forgiveness,
    With me boyz as witness,
    Take this chips with cheese
    As an offering of peeeeeeeace!
  • This line from "The Fun Powder Plot": "I'll be left dumbfound as a donkey. This is a booty call, My boot, my boot, my boot, up your ass-hole."
  • Tom's falsetto in "All the King's Men", especially when he's gasping for breath at one point.
  • Hayden's increasingly erratic performance on "Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants".
  • "Two Dancers (I)" is actually pretty dark compared to the other tracks off the album, but you gotta admit the line "His dancing cock" is a killer.
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