Funny / Wild ARMs 4

  • The outtakes on the Wild Arms 4 webpage (Go to "Media" and then "Voice Recording Out-Takes")
    Gob (voiced by Cam Clarke): I'll get you with this! Or, well, maybe not that one. This one, I'll get— nope, not that. This! I'll get— oh, boy. Somebody get me somethin' to get 'em with!
  • The party meeting Gawn for the first time in the Sea of Trees where he scares Jude and Arnaud into clinging to each other.
    Jude: It's a bear!!
    Gawn: Uh...I'm not a bear.
    Jude: A monstrous bear-man-thing, then.
    Gawn: Oh man! Bears, bears... What's with the bears, kid?!