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Funny: Wikipedia
  • The fact that Wikipedia, almost famous for being so humorless and stuffy, has a Theme Song. It's a parody of "Hotel California". Yes, really.
  • Many of the April Fool's Day pranks, as seen here.
  • Back in 2005, an administrator accidentally blocked co-founder Jimbo Wales' account indefinitely, then undid the block with an edit summary of "OOPS!" A month later, another admin blocked him for 1 second as a joke.
  • The Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense section was once a relatively popular place to post instances of creative or hilarious article vandalism. Alas, the page was laid to rest in 2007 due to the fact that the page may actually be promoting vandalism, and the page's archives were offloaded to dedicated sites.
  • The entire lamest edit wars pages. Internet Backdraft over the most petty (and hilarious) issues shows up here in spades.
    - Is it appropriate to include a picture [on the cow tipping article] of a cow with the caption An unsuspecting potential victim?
    - Revert wars, alleged sock-puppetry, and page protection: should the article on feces include this picture of a large human turd? As of early July 2005, the discussion on this issue alone had reached 12,900 words.
    - An edit war over what to call Mozart's buttocks! Should the German "Arsch" in the title of a joke composition be translated as "arse" or "ass"?
  • This FAC filled with Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter.
  • This section of the "Buttered cat paradox" page. Specifically:
    In reality, cats do possess the ability to turn themselves right side up in mid-air if they should fall upside-down, known as the cat righting reflex, which enables them to land on their feet if dropped from sufficient height (about 30cm). A similar ability has not been reported for buttered toast.
  • If you're into Black Comedy, some of the entries in the list of unusual deaths can be darkly humorous.
  • Wikipedia has proven itself correct at least once.
  • While it's since been edited, one list formerly had a suspiciously specific clarification regarding any additions.
  • From the page category "Wikipedia Humor":
    This page in a nutshell: Inside a nutshell it's too dark to read this page! Please help me! Grab a nutcracker!
  • Deleted Articles With Freaky Titles from The Other Wiki. Highlights include "Angry donkey", "Attack of the fifty foot Hitler", "The cheeses has eats my one friends", and "List Of Dads Who Make Other Dads Eat Bugs", whose discussion page contained "my dad".
  • It's been taken down, but The Other Wiki once had an archive of vandalism they found amusing or clever. This Troper's favorite example was when someone altered the page on rapper Chamillionaire to indicate that he had evolved from Charizard.
    • They still archive hoax articles that were successful, like Gaius Flavius Antoninus (Supposedly helped assassinate Julius Caesar, lasted 8 years),Olimar the Wondercat (fake TV show about a real-life neurologist and his cat, almost lasted 7 years) , and the Bicholim conflict (Fake Indian war that achieved Good Article status and lasted 5 years.)
    • More here.
    • The Wikipedia page for Earth is often vandalized to read simply "Mostly Harmless."
      • From the discussion page for the Earth article:
    Humorous references to the Douglas Adams novel Mostly Harmless are inappropriate content for this article.
  • A Take That in their section of political catch phrases.
    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", said by Bill Clinton regarding Monica Lewinsky, a woman with whom he had sexual relations.
  • The plot summary of the video for Jizz In My Pants is classic.
  • Wikipedia on the dangers of bee-keeping: "It's worth noting that no amount of protective clothing will make the experience of a faceful of aggressive bees flying up from an opened hive pleasant for any beekeeper".
  • Wikipedia summarizes the lyrics to "Baby Got Back".
  • Wikimedia, who runs Wikipedia and other affiliated websites, has a classy article about behavior called Don't be a dick. At the bottom of the article, it says: The term "dick" in this essay is generally defined as "an abrasive and inconsiderate person" of any gender. Therefore this is an essay about obnoxious behaviour.
  • When a user searches for "The one with the whales", the site redirects to Star Trek IV.
  • The deletion summary for one of "Mr Diaper"'s creepy photos was "Creepy Mr Diaper; speedy delete". It made me laugh for some reason.
  • Their plot summary of Trapped In The Closet. Seeing them report on the song in all its ridiculousness is gold.
    Roxanne tells Sylvester that a high Twan was swerving on the road and cutting up on the both of them, even turning his music loud playing "Mary Jane" and screaming "I'm Rick James, bitch!"
  • Due to an incident where Paraguyan president Fernando Lugo got his photo for two weeks on "In the news", he's reached Memetic Mutation status, including his variation of Godwin's Law and Lugopedia.
  • The page "No one cares about your garage band" is delightfully snarky.
  • As mentioned under the Lamest Edit Wars entry, but deserving its own: Talk:Feces. A massive Flame War over excrement, enough to prove the link between apes and humans. [1] and [2]

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