Funny / Why My Little Pony Sucks

  • Introductory video
    • "This world has three different kind of ponies: Pegasi, that can fly! Unicorns, able of do magic! And Earth Ponies, masters of... (pause)... ummm... yeah, bit of a problem here, eh? Heck, they don't even have their special name: they are just "ponies" with something glued to it!"
  • Feeling Pinkie Keen
    "So you see, kids, the moral is never think about things and just accept them! Which is clearly the reason how this crap of a cartoon became so popular!
  • Random stuff, part 1
    • After seeing the "fight" between the buffalo and the ponies.
      "So they weren't trying to stop a war! They were trying to stop a movie of Laurel and Hardy!"
      • With the music of "The Benny Hill Show", ever.
    • After seeing Fluttershy bring the parasprites to Ponyville.
      "Awww, I can't decide if you are more adorable or stupid!"
    • Then after she kept one, allowing a new invasion:
    • Playing "Asshole" while the girls were destroying the party in "Sweet And Elite", and the fact that every time the song said "asshole", the camera framed Pinkie.
  • Owl's Well That Ends Well
    • After a couple of times the Who's on First? is used:
      "This is going to be the Running Gag of the episode, isn't it?" A big YES appears on the screen. A Face Palm sound is heard.
    • Lampshading the Broken Aesop of the episode:
      Spike: And there is plenty of love for every friend!
      Twilight: By the way, I'm not inviting you to my birthday!
      Spike: What?
      Twilight: Nothing!
  • The Return Of Harmony
  • Secret Of My Excess
    "They get roped to the tree, but thankfully Twilight can teleport them out and go back to following Spike (nothing happens). Can teleport them out and go back to following Spike (nothing). Teleport out. (nothing) TELEPORT, DAMMIT!!!
    "And even if this is a situation with a giant dragon threatening her friends Fluttershy doesn't use her "Stare" because... I guess it's Earth Ponies' day, where you don't use your special ability to make them feel better about themselves!"
  • Dragon Quest
    "And so the red dragon promises to Spike to take him under his wing! I must admit I'm shocked: this is actually heartwarming and I'm really curious as how this will contrast with his affection towards Twilight and the others in a true display of emotions. (Long pauses, a drinking sound is heard). "And every right that the episode and the show in general could have had to call itself mature is going to die in 3...2...1...
    "Spike arrives to the volcano where the dragons stopped to rest! And is now the times to see how many gender stereotypes this gender stereotypes-defying show will dare to play completely straight.
    • When he lampshades how the teenage dragons are a clear Take That! toward those who don't like the show.
      "Yeah,that will teach you critics to have an opinion...emh, I mean, this will teach you nasty dragons to harm innocent eggs!"
  • A Friend In Deed
    • After witnessing Pinkie's musical number:
      "And no! I don't care if the music is good! It's still a three and a half minute waste of time song in an annoying voice that doesn't serve any purpose. So what, Pinkie likes smiles? Did they really think we've forgotten about that? I mean, if you have managed to forget about Pinkie (voice becomes desperate)Please, tell me how you did it! I'll pay you!"
  • Random Stuff Part II
    • He wants to know what is his greatest fear, so he takes a look in King Sombra's crystal: a scene from "Too Many Pinkie Pie appears.
    • It's even funnier because he admitted that "Too Many Pinkie Pie" is the only episode he didn't watch because of its plot.
  • A Canterlot Wedding
    • Saying that he loved Twilight's goofy look after reading the letter. "It's like if even she didn't know him!"
      Twilight: I have a brother? Since when?
    • His comment about the giant force field around Canterlot.
      "That's right, no freeloaders at MY wedding! The force field lets pass only those with a present!"
    • When he see the first images of the episode, where Spike is not shown entirely.
      "What's up with these shots? I mean, are we really supposed to be surprised at the reveal that is Spike? Because it's clearly Spike! "Spike appears." Oh my god, it was Spike!"
    • His reaction when he realizes that everything that happened after Celestia asked them to retrieve the Elements Of Harmony, including the fight scene he really liked, was completely pointless since they are captured and brought back to the queen.
      Time Raider: Did you hear it? It's Doctor Doof laughing at you because you are a crappy villain!
  • Spike At Your Service
    • How he introduces the episode:
      Time Raider: "This is the story that a thousand monkeys would write in a thousand using their butts!"