Funny / Whitechapel

  • A rather dark example, but after the Kray brothers are tipped off as to Chandler and Miles getting a witness willing to speak against them, they waylay the real lawyer and send a fake one in his place. As soon as Miles and Chandler realize, they race for Chandler's car - which has been stolen and replaced by a real-live donkey.
    • And after Kent is suspended from the investigation, he goes down into the carpark for a cry...and the donkey is still there.
  • This conversation between Chandler and Miles:
    Miles: Driving a wedge between the twins is a good idea. Bold.
    Chandler: Buchan's.
    Miles: Oh, Jesus.
  • When Chandler and Miles go for a meeting with one of the Kray brothers in a pub, Chandler helps himself to an orange juice.
    Fitz: Open bar and you chose that?
    Chandler: I couldn't see any tea-making facilities.
  • You only get a split-second look at Buchan's police I.D. card, but the look on his face in the photo is priceless. He looks like all his dreams have come true.
  • The horror story the sewer worker tells in Series 4.
  • The priceless looks of blank disbelief on the faces of Miles and Chandler when one of their suspects excitedly tells them about the existence of black swine in the sewage tunnels.