Funny / Where the Wild Things Are

The film

  • Max: Come out!
    Judith: Uh... no!
    Max: Why not?
    Judith: Um... maybe cuz you're gonna hit us in the head with dirt?
    Max: ...Come out!
    Judith: ...Nooooo!
    Max: Why not?!
    Judith: Because when I said 'You're gonna hit us in the head with dirt' YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING! That means you're planning to hit us in the head with dirt!
    Max: Man, they've really got us figured out.
  • Max: Hey Richard.
  • Alexander: Hey, Do you guys know any jokes?
    Owls: Awk! Awk!
    Alexander: Who's there?
    Owls: Awk!
    Alexander: Loud interrupting cow wh....
    Owls: AWWWWK!
  • "We'll settle this one later."
  • The little bit with the fences at the beginning.
  • "He looks like a Bob."
  • Judith: HEY! I'm talking to you!
    *Max turns around*
    Judith: Not you! I'm still talking to KW!

  • "That was my FAVORITE arm!"