Funny / What A Cartoon! Show

  • From Godfrey and Zeek in "Lost Control"
    • Godfrey's plan to get the TV remote back after flushing it.
    Godfrey: Be brave! Be brave! Be brave! (plunges head into toilet)
    Zeek: And...that's not it.
    • Plunger Boy's little description of how the sewage treatment center works.
    Plunger Boy: And, if there's ever an emergency, shutting down the whole plant is as easy as pulling down of these levers! (suddenly looks furious) BUT IF IT'S A FALSE ALARM, WHOEVER PULLED THE LEVER WILL BE TAKEN AWAY AND SEVERELY PUNISHED!! (back to his normal, cheerful self) Okay, bye now!
    • The employee mistaking the duo for unequipped employees.
    Zeek: Alright! Disguises!
    Godfrey: Free goggles!
    • Godfrey: Ey! (points at sign) Look at that sign! "No pointing!"