Funny / West Side Story

  • This dialogue from "Gee, Officer Krupke" stands out:
    A-Rab (imitating psychiatrist): In my opinion, this child don't need to have his head shrunk at all. Juvenile delinquency is purely a social disease!
    Action: Hey, I got a social disease!
  • The opening lines of "America"
    Anita: Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion...Let it sink back in the ocean!
    • "I like the island Manhattan. Smoke on your pipe and put THAT IN."
    • The "hell, did you just get burned" gestures everyone makes at Bernardo when Anita comments "Don't forget I'm in America."
    • This little exchange:
    Bernardo: I think I'll go back to San Juan.
    Anita: I know a boat you can get on.
    Shark Girls: Bye bye!
    • Hell, this entire scene, but this part especially-
    Anita: "Trusting with our hearts open!"
    Consuelo: "With our arms open!"
    Pepe: You came with your mouth open!
  • "Yes, sir. Would you mind translating that into Spanish?"