Funny / Welshy

  • From Scream retrospective:
    • During the Scream 3 review, ChaosD1's "DOES NOT! WORK THAT WAY!!" "meme" appears in great comedic use: for one of the stupider scenes in Scream 3, a character doesn't smell the gas of a leaked household until the killer mentions it. To which its pointed out in the review leading into ChaosD1 screaming out, "GAS!!! DOES NOT! WORK THAT WAY!!"
      • But first, he explains how gas could, in fact, work that way.
    • He states that he'll be doing a Saw retrospective in 2012, providing that he hasn't been fired yet.
    • In the Scream 4 review, he talks about how some people like Scream, while others hate it. Cue a picture of the Cinema Snob and the subtitle "Oh yeah, I saw your review Snob. Your ass is mine!"
  • His Top Ten Rose Tyler Moments. Sarcasm-ridden praise over Rose while showcasing why she's a terrible human being.
    • At the end of the video, Welshy awakens from his nightmare, only to turn on the TV and find that instead of Doctor Who, The Adventures of River Song is on.
    Welshy: Wait a minute, this is not my nightmare, it's...
  • In his review of The Loved Ones, he's horrified by the fact that it actually shows the lobotomy. He shows it to other members of TGWTG, who all look horrified as well...except for Pushing Up Roses, who has a big happy grin on her face and looks thrilled.
  • In his Killjoy review, he says that the movie has been stalking him the way Michael Myers stalks a family member.
    • He says that he doesn't hold a grudge against those people that requested that he review Killjoy. Then he says that he's written down all their user names and is in the process of tracking them down in real life,so that he can kill them. His eyes then proceed to turn red, and he smiles.
  • From the Braindead review-Epic Foreshadowing!
  • From the Granny review, we learn that there's a Channel Awesome court, and that Mike wears a wig for it.
    • He states that he's reviewing partly at the request of the Blockbuster Chick, who's from Scotland. Three seconds into the movie, he blows up Scotland with the Sonic Screwdriver.
  • In part 4 of his Saw Retrospective, Amanda and Lynn throw down. The Mortal Kombat theme starts up, as in part 3 but then it stops as Welshy talks about feminism being dead (this is a joke, as Welshy has made it clear that he respects women earlier on). He then puts on some more befitting audio. Cue jackpot of pissed off Channel Awesome Staff, Fans, and Haters.
  • In part 5 of his Saw Retrospective, he's told that he has been disrespectful to women. The Makeover Fairy appears and turns him into a women. Welshy points out that putting a man in a woman's body isn't a very good punishment, so she tries to make him review Killjoy 3. He breaks down crying "Turn me back! Turn me back!"
    • When he makes fun of all the women on TGWTG, a picture of Oancitizen is included very briefly in the montage.