Funny / Welcome to Ponyville

     Act I 


  • When Sweetie Belle asks the player to try out dialogue options, the only option is "Got it Squeaky Belle". Made even funnier by MissBunniSwan's voice crack immediately after that.


  • Pinkie Pie's Traitor Shot after the player meets Applejack and Apple Bloom. She's so close that she appears in front of the Letter Box.


  • When Rarity says she doesn't want to pull the cart, you can hear a faint "Hmm..." at the end of the line. That's not in the text box, meaning it was apparently ad-libbed.
  • This part from the scene where the player meets the CMC.
    Apple Bloom: That's right, you're new in town. So ah guess you're tryin to earn up some bits. *Gasps* If you'd like ah could ask mah sister if she needs help down at the farm! Her and Big Macintosh are always super busy. Ah reckon they could use a helping hoof.
    Scootaloo: Maybe that will get us our cutie marks. Cutie Mark Crusader job finders!
    You: Hold on a second girls I-
    What was that all about? And why do I have a bad feeling all of a sudden?
  • Derpy Hooves being hilarious as always
    You: Well that's a good th- (crash)
    You: You... just knocked over my mailbox.
    Derpy: Oops, my bad! Here, I can fix it.
    You: No, it's okay, I'll get it later, okay Derpy?
  • The player character questioning Applejack being up so early
    Morning... yeah right. Celestia isn't even up yet. Morning doesn't start for another five hours sister.
  • The player character's first attempt at apple bucking.
    You: Okay. Can't be that hard. Let's give it a shot. Umph. (blam) Ow!
    Applejack: (beat) Ahahaha! Hahaha! Haha! Shucks, that sure was funny, new pony! You look like a colt/filly that's had one too many!
    She's certainly an honest one... Brutally honest.
    Applejack: Ah ain't ever seen a pony buck themselves onto their face before! Here, let me show ya one more time. Ya see, ya gotta get a good grip with yur front hooves, else yur gonna fall on yur face, as I reckon' y'all know. Haha.

Deceptive Manners

  • The introduction of Spike.
    Rarity: They're extremely rare. I got it as a gift, a special gift from my good friend Spike. It was sooo cute! He's such a sweetheart.
    You: Spike?
    Rarity: Mhm. He's a dragon.
    You: A DRAGON?!
    Rarity: Haha. He's a baby dragon. He helps Twilight all over the library. I'm sure you'll meet him soon.
  • The entire scene with Vinyl Scratch.

Magical Obsessions

  • Vinyl Scratch screaming, because the player was screaming.
  • Spike says that he doesn't want to leave the Carousel Boutique because Rarity is pretty. If the player is a mare, he'll say the player is really pretty too.
  • The player questioning the book Derpy ordered if the player isn't a unicorn
    Twilight Sparkle: Derpy? She's really nice. She comes in all the time. Next time you see her, could you let her know that book arrived?
    You: Sure thing, what's the name of the book?
    Twilight Sparkle: 'Non-locality Hidden Variables and Quantum Entanglement: The Experts Guide Vol. III'
    You: Umm, why is it in another language?
  • Twilight screaming very loudly, all because a row of books were out of order.
  • Fluttershy trying to lighten the mood about the Everfree Forest being dangerous.
    Fluttershy: Oh, it isn't that bad. I mean, sure there are lots of hungry predators, and it's always dark inside no matter if the sun is out or not. And there's quicksand, and poisonous plants.