Funny / Weapon Brown

  • A pair of heavily armed guards are boasting about how, when the Syndicate shows up, they'll wipe them out easily and in a tremendously bloody fashion. Meanwhile, they're so busy talking that they don't hear CAL-v.1N sneak up behind them. Then, CAL-v.1N introduces himself by chopping their heads off WITH HIS BARE HANDS(!) while shouting, "Sounds like a hell of a fight! You can count me in!"
  • Anne's family were killed by vicious, agile reptiles. In other words... leapin' lizards.
  • The way Cal's face is first revealed. He leaves HOBS sitting in the diner while going around back to the head, and when HOBS starts wreaking havoc we get a panel of Cal in mid-piss, his head turned towards the reader, wearing a devilish grin, as a reference to the bootleg window stickers that had the original Calvin urinating on various things.
  • Crokk attempts to uppercut Weapon Brown with his Power Fist, and if he had been a few inches taller it might have done some damage. Instead he barely taps Weapon's chin.
  • "We're praising JESUS now!"