Funny / Way of the Dragon

  • The scene where Ho tries to stop two feuding Karate fighters from fighting each other so they can work together to kill Tang Lung. The European karate master just simply throws him aside so they could fight him again.
  • Tang Lung accidentally almost ending up with a prostitute (or possibly a one-night stand) because of how unfamiliar he is with western customs.
    • How does he get out of it? He pees a lot. An earlier scene had him ordering nothing but soup at a fancy restaurant because he can't read the menu.
  • One thug swipes one of Tang Lung's nunchaku and tries to use it on him, only to hit himself in the head with them.
  • The fight scene at the bosses office. This time Tang is in the sidelines letting his buddies have a go at the mooks, showing both impressive moves and comical ways of them dominating the fight, while he stands their grinning Like A Boss. Tang doesn't step in, until one of the mooks catches him off guard and punches him in the face. The look after wards when he slams his jacket on the ground shows him very annoyed by it.
  • The kitty in the final fight.