Funny: Waxonator

  • Gaston plays "Lefou's Quest IV": Just all the point and Click Gags.
    Gaston: Everyone knows her father is a lunatic! He was in here tonight, raving.
    [Cut to Maurice literally raving in the bar, lights flashing everywhere]
    Gaston: Woah! Slow down, Maurice!
    [Maurice does not slow down.]
    • "Yeah! Even marry him!" *shows Justin Bieber*
    • Monsieur D'Arque coming to get Maurice.
    Belle: May I help you?
    Monsieur D'Arque: I've come to collect your money.
    (Belle closes the door and starts shooting at him; opens the door with a troll face, closes the door and opens it again without the face)
    Monsieur D'Arque: Eh, father.
    • This exchange regarding the Beast:
    Belle: Oh, he'd hurt anyone! I know he looks kind and gentle, but he's really vicious.
    Gaston: If I didn't know better I'd suspect you had feelings for this monster!
    Belle: No, Gaston, he's a monster!
    • Gaston throws a torch at some exploding barrels, gets blown into space, and collects lard, donuts, and Babar before crashing into the Beast's castle.
      • "It's over, Beast! TACO BELL IS MINE!!!"
    • Belle's face when she sees Gaston instead of the Beast.
  • Robotnik Picks the Wrong Religion: *gasp* "SONIC! Are you telling me the hedgehog is a Hindu? WHY?! WHY?! WHYYYY?!"
  • Mowgli Can't Enjoy His Banana:
    King Louie: Give me the power of man's red flower so I can be like you!
    Bagheera: Fire?!
    Death Star operative: Commence primary ignition. [begins to fire the Death Star's laser]
    Bagheera: NOT YET!!
    Darth Vader: Crap. [the Death Star explodes]
  • Ganon saying the Frosted Flakes slogan "They're Gr-r-reat!" at the end of The Grand Spankin' New Adventures of He-Man.
    • Skeletor raising his arms, revealing mushrooms growing in his armpits... and Mario snagging an One-Up in the process.
      • Followed by the Cosby Comet destroying a probe Skeletor sent. The look of disbelief and his cry of frustration just add to it.
  • Simba and Nala Go To White Castle
    Zazu: Your parents will be killed.
    Simba: What?
    • The ending is actually quite humorous:
    Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at?! When does this happen in the movie?!
  • "Gaston's Ultimate Mission To Obtain Some Taco Bell" is just one giant moment of funny.
  • "Stromboli collects Youtube Poop" "...Home?!"