* ''Wave Race Blue Storm'': The colossal JerkAss that is the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNDOcyEGhoQ hidden announcer]]
--> "You have chosen poorly." \\
"''If you are any good,'' you can get a turbo by hitting the gas when the light goes green." \\
"Weak." "That's pathetic." "Waste of time." "No mercy." \\
[[SarcasmMode "OOOH, A TURBO."]] \\
[[WhatTheHellPlayer "Pass the yellow buoys ON THE LEFT."]] \\
"You've betrayed what little trust I've put in you." \\
"Last lap. Soon, the agony will end." \\
"Were you born a loser, or did it just take practice?" \\
[[HaveANiceDeath "You don't have an inferiority complex; you're just inferior."]]
** And when you actually ''do'' win a race...
---> [[UngratefulBastard "Your wins are like diamonds, kid: Very rare."]]