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Funny: Water World
  • "Maybe he doesn't like to be called Chuck. Maybe we should call him Charles. Charles!"
  • The Exxon Valdez's oil reserve tankman's reaction when he sees the flare the Mariner dropped down a pipe fall into a pool of oil in the reserve.
    Oil Reserve Tankman: "Oh thank god."
  • When Helen asks about FOOD!!!
  • This:
    Enola: Don't call him that. He doesn't like it.
    Deacon: I don't give a shit what he likes! He took out my eye!
    Enola: "He'll come for me, he will."
    Deacon: "Well, I hope so. 'Cuz if he does, I'm gonna cut open his head, and I'm gonna EAT HIS BRAIN!" ...You think he'd like that?
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