Funny / Wario World

  • Sometimes Mooks will startle at the sight of you and run around in panic.
  • The pause screen music.
    • If you listen to it for 50 minutes (Warning: It will get on your nerves), Wario will actually apologize for the annoyance.
  • The instruction manual that comes with the game. It's written by Wario himself.
  • Wario's signature quips when throwing an enemy:
    "Have a rotten day!"
  • The boss battle against Red Brief J has a funny moment. The way to hurt this cow is to wait for it to charge and when it stops you can ground pound the platform and send it into the lava. what's funny is the way it looks teetering on the edge with it's mouth agape waving his arms.
  • It's fully possible to cause {=Dino Mighty=}to fall off the platform and damage herself by jumping into the lava by hitting her feet with a pillar.