Funny / Wardens

  • The Wardens are half comprised of Nominal Heros who really have no real interest in stopping the Blight or saving Ferelden. So they decide to have as much fun as possible at Ostagar.
    • Durin trolls a Templar into attacking him and gets away with the act and taking the templar's armor!
    • Mairon and Gimli scare Cailan into running back to his Royal tent
    • Gimli attempting to pickpocket Duncan
  • While in the Korcari Wilds, Mairon decides to read a journal while the rest of the Wardens have to fight a Shade.
    • Best part? He was the one that summoned it!
  • Mairon firing a mana beam that missed three ogres.
    • Though it hit everything else around the ogres! Talk about an Epic Fail.
  • Poor Alistair seems to be everyone's Butt-Monkey just like in the vanilla game.
  • Shatele "accidently" breaking the door off of Sten's cage to release him
  • Mairon choosing to have a dinner with the Hawkes rather than hurry to meet with the other Wardens. Could double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming if you look past how hilariously selfish Amell is acting.

    "I was fighting the darkspawn like everyone else."
    "I thought you had it under control."
    "NO! Standing in the path of the lightning-charged fireball is having control of the situation!"