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Funny: War of the Worlds
  • When Ray hastily makes a sandwich with peanut butter for Rachel (his daughter), she explains to him that she's allergic to it.
    Ray: Since when?
    Rachel: Birth.
  • When Rachel announces she has to go to the bathroom:
    Ray: Stay where I can see you.
    Rachel: Are you crazy? I'm not going in front of you guys!
    Ray: I'm not gonna look, just stay in sight!
    Rachel: THAT'S LOOKING!
  • It's a pretty dark moment, but Ogilvy's "dead set on living" line is Actually Pretty Funny.
  • "Okay, now come up with a plan that doesn't involve your ten-year-old sister joining the Army!"
  • Meta example. While shooting the scene where Ray and the kids are in the water, while the Tripods are plucking civilians one by one, Steven Spielberg and John Williams pulled a prank on Cruise, Fanning, Chatwin and the extras in the water at the time, by playing the theme from Jaws over the loudspeakers.
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