Funny / Walking with Dinosaurs

  • The "Making of..." programs are chock full of gags, spliced in between the more serious scenes of Talking Heads. Also the end credits. Oh, the end credits. Not really laugh-out-loud funny, more amusing. Like the production crew filming the animals as if they were actors, or the Earth tremors at the end of the Cretaceous turning out not to be the results of the meteor impact, but a random dromaeosaur construction-worker jackhammering the place.
    Utahraptor: "Chase this dinosaur!" "Chase that dinosaur!" You'd swear we couldn't act! It's so degrading!
    • The credits for the "Making of..." for Beasts is a combination of this and Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • The "No dinosaurs were harmed" sign, accompanied by a pre-rendered dinosaur licking its privates like a dog, then realizing it's being filmed.
    • In one of the title gags, an animator gets annoyed at a living dinosaur model that he's trying to scan for the 3D rendering and tells it to stand still. It immediately runs off and jumps all over the place.
    • The T. Rex chasing a Didelphodon, only for about a hundred Didelphodons to start chasing after it.
    • At the end of the Making of... for "The Ballad of Big Al", the scientist lays flowers on Al's grave, and walks off over the hill. This is followed by Al tromping out after her, and out of sight, she screams.
  • To quote Branagh on a gassholish Diplodocus:
    "The activity in its gut produces a lot of excess gas."
  • A snake starts keeping an eye on the baby T. rex at one point. And then they get too close for comfort. The narrator's response?
    "The snake does not like what it can see."
    • Even funnier; the snake is not a CGI animated model—that was a real snake they used. One can only imagine what the poor thing must have been thinking while being harassed by weird looking puppets.
  • The reaction from the Ornitholestes when he finds out that his former prey, the baby Diplodocus are all grown up. Special mention goes to the way one of them turns to look at him and bellows as if to say "who's the big guy now, punk!?"
    • In a similar vein, at the end of the first episode, the narrator talks about the Coelophysis leading to bigger animals. Cue Plateosaurus coming in roaring, as if to tell the Coelophysis "Make way for the new hotness, gramps!"
  • All the moments of Camera Abuse, which typically happen Once per Episode, are this, though they add a sort of realism to the presentation as well. Especially when the indricothere calf runs the cameraman over.
    • You can practically hear the poor cameraman shouting "Nice boy! Nice indricothere! NO! AHH!!!" or something to that effect.
  • In the 3D movie, one of the Azhdarchids forgets it can fly and almost falls off a cliff. And the other two just sit there, as if to say "You can FLY you idiot!".
  • "They're [the brontotheres] about to undergo their severest challenge." Cue a brontothere scratching its butt against a tree.
  • In "Giant of the Skies", we have a moment featuring an unfortunate Tapejara which ended up perched next to a massive geyser. If you look closely, you can even see him shaking water off of his wings when he gets splashed!
  • In the film, Alex gives a lecture about the Gorgosaurus, but he has to cut it short because he can't stop laughing about its tiny arms.
  • Patchi and Alex argue about the "dive" the former had done in the river...which was actually him and Scowler falling in during the Gorgosaurus attack. Heck, they even rewind the scene a bit!
  • When Patchi leads the herd off the icy lake, he starts pushing trees down, saying at one point, "Take that, random tree!"
  • The Troodon gets a hilarious Oh, Crap! look when Patchi stops him from stealing the eggs.
  • Patchi and Alex, on Bulldust.
    Patchi: Classic Dad. He was a man of few words.
    Alex: Actually, he was a man of one word.
    Bulldust: (Stamps his foot and gives a very loud, very un-anthropomorphized roar.)
    Alex: That one.
  • "Someday, these mammals will go extinct, and we'll have the last laugh." How wrong you are, Patchi.
  • Gorgon glaring at Patchi after the latter calls him "Tiny Arms".
  • The behind-the-scenes documentary The Beast Within provides further examples beyond the usual antics of the SFX crew:
    • The actor who's getting his Neanderthal makeup applied interrupting the scientist describing how ugly they might have looked in real life.
    • A baby orangutan climbing onto another scientist as she talks, prompting her to compare it to her husband.
    • The chimpanzee greeting the zoo visitors with a glaring boner.
    • The creators recounting how random locals passing by reacted to the crew filming people dressed in binbags jumping up and down in a lake.
  • During the first attack of the Allosaurus, one of the baby Diplodocus makes a sound that almost sounds like "Uh-oh..."
  • In the Arena Spectacular, the Narrator makes a whole lot of build up to the Tyrannosaurus rex's grand entrance. Cue a baby Tyrannosaurus running in and squealing adorably. Of course, his 7 ton momma shows up immediately after...
  • The Leallynasaura's defense mechanism. It kicks up dead leaves to fend off an egg stealing mammal. Special mention goes to the unfortunate mammal's response; like the snake mentioned above, it was live acted by a real mammal (a coati) and so this means the filmmakers had to actually throw leaves at the poor little thing!