Funny / Walk Hard

  • A naked roadie listening in on Dewey and his dad's conversation.
  • How does Dewey get a record deal? He fills in for black rhythm & blues singer Bobby Shad at a nightclub... and sings "You Got To Love Your Negro Man" the exact same way Bobby does.
  • The entire "Let's Duet" sequence.
  • "I'm guilty as charged! ...Guilty...As Charged." "Don't you DARE write a song right now, Dewey!!!"
  • Dewey's first night of withdrawal: he screams that he's freezing, and the nurse orders more blankets. Then he screams that he's on fire and the nurse orders fewer blankets. Then he screams that he's hot and cold at the same time.
  • Dewey and the band rap with The Beatles in India. The Beatles gradually turn on each other, then Dewey takes some LSD and imagines being in a Yellow Submarine style animation.
    • "What do you think, George Harrison of the Beatles?"
  • Dewey finally kicking drugs, declaring that he'll no longer give into the temptations. Guess which vocal group is waiting for him downstairs.