Funny: Waiting for Godot

  • The relationship between Vladimir and Estragon is like an old married couple, moaning and arguing with each other for years yet still sticking together.
  • Estragon's response when Vladimir asks him how's the carrot he's eating: "It's a carrot."
  • Estragon finds out that Vladimir's happy despite being separated from him for the night, especially because Vladimir's happy that he didn't have to get up at night to urinate.
    Estragon: You see? He even pisses better when I'm not there.
  • Early in Act 2, Estragon tries to recount to Vladimir what happened yesterday:
    Estragon: I suppose we blathered.
    Vladimir: About what?
    Estragon: Oh...this and that, I suppose, nothing in particular. [With assurance.] Yes, now I remember, yesterday evening we spent blathering about nothing in particular. That's been going on now for half a century.
  • The hat-swapping scene in Act 2.
  • Vladimir and Estragon going round in circles, muttering "Let me see".
  • Lucky's long, deep-sounding but entirely meaningless rant when he finally starts talking.
  • Vladimir and Estragon debating whether or not they should help a fallen Pozzo up, while Pozzo screams for help the entire time.
  • When Vladimir and Estragon believe Pozzo is not his actual name, they try calling him "Cain" and "Abel".
  • The boy always calls Vladimir "Mr. Albert" for no explained reason.