Funny / Wag the Dog

  • When the leads meet the psychotic "William Schumann" for the first time.
    Winifred: Well, when we asked for "special programs", they gave us "special prisons".
    Conrad: Yeah, well, it's only a one-word difference.
    Winifred: Has he been in jail long?
    Stanley: Twelve years.
    Winifred: Does he have much longer to serve.
    Stanley: Mm. *nods*
    Winifred: What did he do?
    Stanley: He raped a nun.
    Winifred: Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.
    Stanley: And—
    Winifred: "And?" I don't want to hear an "And", why is there an "And"?
    Stanley: Looklooklook, he's fine as long as he gets his medications—
    Winifred: And if he doesn't get his medications—
    Stanley: Then he's not fine.