Funny: Wacky Races

  • In one episode of the original series, Dastardly gets in trouble when one of his schemes goes wrong (again), and yells at Muttley to do anything. Muttley promptly does a dance.
  • In one episode, it seems like the Mean Machine might actually win for once when the car suddenly stops, allowing the other racers to pass. The narrator asks why Dastardly stopped, and Dick explains that it was to give an autograph.
    Narrator: You're kidding. Who'd want want an autograph from you?
    Dick Dastardly: (Points to Muttley) Him!
  • From ''Wacky Races Forever''
    Dick Dastardly: "No, Muttley, we can't win fairly! We are villains, ergo we have to cheat!"