Funny / Wacky Races

  • In one episode of the original series, Dastardly gets in trouble when one of his schemes goes wrong (again), and yells at Muttley to do anything. Muttley promptly does a dance.
    • And then gets water thrown at him by Dastardly.
      • Earlier on in the same episode, after another of Dastardly's schemes fails, he tells Muttley to give him a hand. Muttley applauds.
  • In one episode, it seems like the Mean Machine might actually win for once when the car suddenly stops, allowing the other racers to pass. The narrator asks why Dastardly stopped, and Dick explains that it was to give an autograph.
    Narrator: You're kidding. Who'd want your autograph?
    Dick Dastardly: (Points to Muttley) Him!
  • From ''Wacky Races Forever''
    Dick Dastardly: "No, Muttley, we can't win fairly! We are villains, ergo we have to cheat!"
  • In episode 7, the race starts with Dastardly in first place.
    Narrator: The Wacky Racers are led by that Dracula of the drag strip, Dick Dastardly!
    Dastardly: I resent that remark!
    Narrator: Do you deny it?
    Dastardly: No, I just resent it!
  • Any of the times Dastardly's... uhm, dastardly plans blow up in his face (often literally).
  • In one episode, Clyde tells the rest of the Anthill Mob to get out and push.
    Ring-A-Ding: Gee, boss, do we gotta?
    Clyde: Maybe you'd rather I should tell Bonnie on you?
    [they get out and push]
  • Another episode starts with Dastardly in last place.
    Narrator: Got a late start, Dastardly?
    Dastardly: Yes. Late night I had Muttley here let the air out of the tyres. And guess whose tires got it?
    [Muttley sniggers]
  • A lot of the Punny Place Names. Deepinhearta, Texas; Wotwill, Delaware, Upsan Downs, Spookane...
  • After the Buzzwagon catches fire, Dastardly quips, "That, my dear Muttley, is the hottest car in the race!"
  • Near the end of another race, The Mean Machine makes a photo-finish with two other cars. When the picture is developed, it's revealed that Dastardly and Muttley got out of their car to smile for the camera!