Funny / WALL•E Forum Roleplay

  • CAESAR's reaction to KATANA's proposal to him in "Love Is A Many Ping-Ponged Thing"
  • Paul Dropping a BRIDGET on Brad in "Hundreds of these Anniversaries"
    • And later on, the Twins tease Brad saying Paul wants to propose to him, calling the former "Ma'am"
  • Anniversaries also has Spectrum's reaction to Russell approaching him
    Spectrum: [What? No no no stay away why are you coming this way HAN-D TELL HIM SOMETHING TELL HIM SOMETHING WHY HE'S COMING AFTER ME TELL HIM SOMETHING NOW!!]
    • Made even better by HAN-D's cluelessness as to why Spectrum's freaking out.
  • Although the JFF RPs in general tend to be this, this moment deserves a special mention: In ARGO's torture thread, Tempest inexplicably vanished, and ARGO takes advantage of this to get some much desired revenge on his tormentors by the way of shooting them with the weaponry of his Rhinoceroid form. Cue Tempest arriving in her own android form and scaring ARGO so much he leaks oil out of fear, at which his would-be victims go from fearing for their lives to dying of laughter.