* In the second episode, the five explorers eject from the stolen Doom ship and crashed into the sand. Pidge finds Hunk's legs sticking out, so he helps him out. He sees Hunk with a mouth full of sand.
-->'''Pidge:''' That Hunk - plows head-first at everything. Your face is disgusting! ''(Hunk spits sand on Pidge's face.)'' Egh!
** Hunk scares away their attackers deep into the caves:
-->'''Hunk:''' You can hide... *hehehe* But I'll find you!
* In episode 8, Nanny started chasing the mice away from the dinner table. As she was chasing them, Lance trips her (doubled as payback for kicking him in the shin earlier).
-->'''Nanny:''' You little thieves! I don't cook for mice!
* In "The Traitor", as Keith places the last bomb:
-->''(A robot soldier appears and points his rifle)''\\
'''Keith:''' Oh hi. Of all the robots, you caught me first.\\
''(Joran attacks the robot from behind)''\\
'''Keith:''' We caught ''you'' last!
* Some of Lance's facial expressions and moments can be [[http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f226/SpukiKitty/All%20My%20PICS%20for%20Web%20Forums/lance_frog_zpspnzzck8m.jpg pretty goofy.]]
* The whole bit with Princess Allura's bikini top.