Funny / Villainous

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The shorts

    The anti-gravity ray 
  • Black Hat is trying to sell a anti-gravity ray, too bad that Flug created an anti-gravity device instead:
    Black hat: What is happening? GET ME DOWN!
    Flug: I tried to tell you, this is an anti-gravity device not a ray! makes everything in the area float away!.
    Black Hat: Who would make this, you idiot? No one wants a whole room to float away!.
  • Meanwhile Black Hat and Flugg were floating, Demencia somehow managed to get in the room, with the only motivation of EATING the device .
  • Black hat solution of his gravity problem? ordering Dementia to turn off the device.
    Black Hat: Dementia, get us down....NOW!!!
    Flug: Wait dont hit THE....
    Demencia: *pushes the button*
    Black Hat: *lands of his feets*
    Flug: *slams in the ground* Button.
    Demencia: Sorry! *pushes the button again*
    Black Hat: Why did you hit the button, AGAIN?!.
    Demencia: *Shruggles* mm!
  • Demencia then makes a very familiar reference of certain villain.
    Demencia: aaaallll float.
  • 5.0.5 enters the room confused, only to get stressed out by Black Hat orders and he proceeds to devouring the gravity device. Black Hat's reaction is priceless.
    Black Hat: I hate you all.
    Bad Security 
    The ice-cream 
    The shrinking ray 
  • Dr. Flug makes a shrinking ray and Black Hat decides to test it in middle of the commercial, the test subject? 5.0.5.
  • Black hat having fun with the shrinking ray.
    Black hat: of course i do, YOU IDIOT!

  • The shrinking ray has a grow function, when Black hat gets distracted by Flug, he accidentally grows 5.0.5 to a titanic level, this only makes him more happy since he can sell 5.0.5 services as a weapon of mass destruction.
    Black hat: We are now *pushes Flug* in a new special! Giant monster sized bear! therefore sampling through your town! any takers?
    The Medusa device 
    The Note of Destruction 
  • Demencia is playing her electric guitar, interrupting Flug experiments, then Black hat appears with a giant, Evil, pipe organ and proceeds to destroy everything with only playing one note, nothing of this is least until is revealed that everything was burned to the crisp, with Flug losing his glasses and 5.0.5 his eyes (still this is played for laughts)
    Wearing Evil 
    The Perception of Evil 
  • The Dr. Flug creates a device capable of making the most evil things become real. The most evil thing that Flug can imagine? A sandwich (with too much mayo).

  • Black Hat takes the device and creates the most evil think that he can imagine, HIMSELF!
    Black hat: It works! The most evil think was me! and here i am.
    Black hat 2: Hello good sir.

  • 5.0.5 takes the device and the hilarity ensues:
    Black hat 1 Y 2: 5.0.5! PUT THAT DOWN!
    5.0.5: (markiplier bear sounds) *creates a Monstruous black hat, screams and runs away in fear, throwing the device*
    Monstruous black hat: (takes the device and creates earl)
    (Banjo sounds)
    Earl: Hujujijahuha
    Black hat 1, 2 and Flug: (disgusted expresion)

  • Who also needs to take the device? Demencia of course!
    Demencia: Four Black hats!
    Black hat 1 Y 2: GET OUT OF HERE DEMENCIA!!!
    Monstruous black hat: (monstruous roar)
    Earl: out of my blight! (Proceeds to eat Flug evil sandwich)
    Demencia: (Demencia takes the device) I want my own!
    Flug: Demencia dont!
    (Demencia creates buff Black Hat)
    Buff Black hat: (starts to doing poses) Flug, Get my evil lotion, FOR MY EVIL AWESOME BODY! (Dementia hugs him) The most evil thing i could think, is leaving the audience wishing for!