Funny / Valkyria Chronicles III

  • Imca's reaction when Kurt, then unknowing of her hatred for mushrooms, gives one to her.
  • Kurt and Giulio have a Cooking Duel at one point in the game...which ends in a draw because the final voter, Gusurg, ruins their cooking by adding a nasty amount of spices into his food. Both of them are not pleased.
  • The Beach Episode has a few:
    • A minor one: early on, Felix calls out Giulio for having barbecue as his first thought upon seeing the beach. Considering Giulio's tendency as Only Sane Man, this is quite amusing.
    • The animated cutscene showing Riela and Imca in swimsuits. When Kurt saw Riela's revealing swimsuit, he was unfazed, to which Riela called him out that he was supposed to tell the girl is "cute" on such occasion. Cue Imca appearing in swimsuit as well, and after a brief pause, Kurt called her cute. Her reaction?
    Imca: (after throwing volleyball at Kurt) You moron! Die already!
    • The entirety of Imca's event, in which we also learn her hatred for octopus.