Funny / Vader

  • During a WWF Free for All (a recap show before Pay-Per-Views similar to Heat) segment for In Your House 20, Vader cuts a promo against Kane and ends screaming "What time is it?" Sunny totally misses the set-up and says it's 15 minutes before the pay-per-view, causing Vader to drop character and calmly say in an exasperated tone "I thought you were smarter than that." When he yells "IT'S VADER TIME", Road Warrior Hawk walks through a door behind the two, looks right in the camera with shock, and flees. It's become one of the best known clips from Botchamania.
  • From the December 22, 1997 episode of WWF Raw is War: Goldust, then in ultra-weirdo Heel mode as "The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust," is in the ring dressed as a Christmas tree with Luna Vachon, reciting 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Vader walks out dressed as Santa Claus and nails Goldust with his big bag.