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Funny: Uzumaki
  • Just watch Linkara's review of one of the goofier chapters. You'll never be able to stop laughing when you think of it.
  • In said chapter (Jack in the Box), Ito gets some great mileage out of Captain Obvious.
    Kirie (Narration): *about Mitsuru* One day I realized he liked me.
    Kirie (Narration): It got on my nerves pretty fast.
  • Kirie being chased by a sentient hurricane is plenty terrifying. An innocent woman being sucked up in her place by mistake is equally frightening. The same woman being spat out of the sky, Looney Tunes-style? Not quite so much. It quickly swings back to horrifying when we see what the woman looks like after hitting the ground, but that one moment is pretty ridiculous.
  • In the live action movie, Kirie remembers how her boyfriend always looked out for her when they were children. She recalls how she cried so much after her mother died. He tries to cheer her up by offering to be her mother, instead. Her younger self's response is a dismayed "I don't want a boy to be my mother!"
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