Funny / Uninvited

  • At one point, you end up meeting a large red... ball thing. In order to get it to move, you need to set the hawk from the above puzzle loose. Upon solving the puzzle, the game's dialogue makes one think it's absolutely speechless at how strange the event was.
  • What happens when you break the record player. "The phonograph no longer works. I think you broke it. Go to your room."
  • The giant spider death. Sounds terrifying, right? Not really. You come across a trapdoor, but the game urges that you do not go down there, as there's a spider that's "bigger than a breadbox". Keep trying to go down, and the game will continue to warn you. After a few attempts, however, you'll be allowed to go down...and you get killed by the spider. The game's remark on the situation? "Well, what do you know. It's a giant spider."
  • After you have just suffocated yourself by lying in a coffin: "Most people die first and then go into the coffin."