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Funny / Ultraman

  • At one point, the team has to respond to an alert in the middle of the night. Everyone shows up in their pajamas - Ide's even clutching his pillow - and Captain Muramatsu calmly gives everyone orders... then the camera pulls back to show that he has his uniform on backwards.
  • Hayata tries to transform with a spoon at one point, having run up to the roof in a hurry while in the middle of a delicious bowl of curry. The kicker? It's not the curry spoon. (He clearly drops the spoon he was using and pulls another one out of his uniform pocket.)
  • The time when Hayata made a special delivery to Captain Muramatsu, who was taking the day off downtown but discovered that he'd forgotten his umbrella when it began raining. Hayata took the VTOL out and airdropped the brolly. (The narrator takes this in stride, noting that sometimes it rains rain, sometimes it rains umbrellas...)
    • ...and sometimes it rains people. (A suicide jumper that Ide happens to be present for. Played for very dark Crosses the Line Twice humor.)
  • There's something funny about Dada #271 being this creepy, actually kinda scary presence in the first part of the episode... and then just getting a thoroughly undignified beating from both Muramatsu and Ultraman. (The kicker being that he tries to run, but his superior orders him to fight.)