Funny / Ugly Betty

  • Betty impersonating Christina. She fails.
    Christina: I'm Scottish, not an Australian hooker.
  • Daniel to Betty: I'm sure your nephew's sick of the closet.
  • Ignacio getting turned on by Wilhemina... actually Wilhediva Hater, the drag-queen hired to impersonate her.
    Justin: You need to talk to Grandpa, otherwise that's going to be your new step-mom!
  • When Claire Meade is forced to take a knitting class, she turns up at Meade Publications with two knitted *things*, and hands off the pink piece to Daniel, and the black piece to Alexis. In a blink and you'll miss it moment while Claire is ranting, Alexis quickly swaps her piece with Daniel's, and nuzzles it.
  • When Daniel suggests that their Christmas spread could focus on other seasonal holidays:
    Wilhemina: Did you just gesture at me when you said 'Kwanzaa'?!
  • During "Lose the Boss", when Betty is persuading Sofia to talk to Daniel:
    Sofia: *search through purse, pulls out breath spray, starts coughing*
    Betty: What's wrong?
    Sofia: Perfume.
  • Betty takes Daniel to a Karaoke restaurant.
    Betty: *dragging him onstage* It's half off if you sing.
    Daniel: But I'm rich!
  • In "Filing For The Enemy", Wilhelmina tries to convince Betty to come work for her at Mode while Daniel's at Player. When Betty doesn't agree, Wilhelmina tells Daniel about the lunch. It cuts to Daniel talking to Betty and acting like she's cheating on him. The entire conversation comes off like a couple breaking up.
    Daniel: How could you hide this from me?
    Betty: I'm sorry!
    Daniel: God, just the thought of it. You sitting at her desk... Rolling calls, for ''her!''
    Betty: Daniel, I don't want to leave you!
    Daniel: Then why are you going behind my back?
    Betty: It wasn't like that.
  • Betty-Mina