Funny / Ugly Betty

  • Betty impersonating Christina. She fails.
    Christina: I'm Scottish, not an Australian hooker.
  • Daniel to Betty: I'm sure your nephew's sick of the closet.
  • Ignacio getting turned on by Wilhemina... actually Wilhediva Hater, the drag-queen hired to impersonate her.
    Justin: You need to talk to Grandpa, otherwise that's going to be your new step-mom!
  • When Claire Meade is forced to take a knitting class, she turns up at Meade Publications with two knitted *things*, and hands off the pink piece to Daniel, and the black piece to Alexis. In a blink and you'll miss it moment while Claire is ranting, Alexis quickly swaps her piece with Daniel's, and nuzzles it.
  • When Daniel suggests that their Christmas spread could focus on other seasonal holidays:
    Wilhemina: Did you just gesture at me when you said 'Kwanzaa'?!
  • During "Lose the Boss", when Betty is persuading Sofia to talk to Daniel:
    Sofia: *search through purse, pulls out breath spray, starts coughing*
    Betty: What's wrong?
    Sofia: Perfume.
  • Betty takes Daniel to a Karaoke restaurant.
    Betty: *dragging him onstage* It's half off if you sing.
    Daniel: But I'm rich!
  • Betty-Mina