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Funny: Twitter
  • Most comedians are regularly this on their account but TheTweetOfGod stands out.
  • Funnybandname only posts exactly what you think it would: funny made up names for groups of musicians. This user will quickly retweet any good suggestions given to it.
    • "Hot Dog Mortar"
    • "Canned Goat"
    • "Zweihander and the Hairy Hellspawns"
  • The @sayakacorpse account. It's a bot that just tweets blank space every hour.
  • The Akari Daisuki account, a bot that takes a random tweet from someone it auto-follows and tweets out "わぁい(excerpt) あかり(excerpt)大好き"tl  Occasionally it will use some pretty amusing parameters for its tweets, resulting in Gratuitous Foreign Languages (English included) or naughty tweets. Some examples:
    わぁいチンコnote  あかりチンコ大好き [1]
    わぁいあかりnote  あかりあかり大好き [2]
    わぁいThis was Brazil's first ever own goal あかりThis was Brazil's first ever own goal大好き [3]
    わぁいWow Wow VENUS あかりWow Wow VENUS大好き [4]
  • After everyword, a bot that tweeted every word in the English language, completed its task in 2014, several spinoff bots spawned in its wake. One of them is everyword in my ass, which does the same but also appends "in my ass" after each word. Notable examples so far include:
    agony in my ass [5]
    ain't in my ass [6]
    Aladdin in my ass [7]
    anal in my ass [8]
    ass in my ass [9]
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