Funny: Twister

  • Jo and Bill are being chased by the Big Bad F5 Tornado. They run towards a farm and dodge fence pickets thrown by the tornado. A giant tractor flies at them and they duck under it. Then they run into a barn and realize that the owners stuffed it with scythes, pitchforks, and knives.
    Jo Harding: Oh my God, who are these people?
  • "Where's my truck?" followed by an absolute deadpan of, "There it is" after it nearly lands on the truck with Bill's fiancee.
  • Melissa's reaction to the cows.
  • After they run through a house, a teddy bear smacks against the windshield, complete with a comical squeaky noise.
  • After Jonas's team refuses to check on the hero team after the first tornado, Dusty runs up to their truck to taunt them for being late and even leans in through the front window and kisses the driver on the cheek to troll them even more.
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